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Category: Values in practice

Values in practice
Banco Popular de Honduras: First exercise in reporting the greenhouse gas emissions in the Agro sector
 Concerned about the environmental issues, Banco Popular Honduras signed in 2019 the Climate Change Commitment, an initiative by the GABV and its members to [...]
Values in practice
Finca DRC: Creating environmental awareness in Congo
Environmental awareness – they are only big words when people say them without understanding the philosophy behind them. Finca DRC sets itself as an [...]
Values in practice
Vancity: Building a stronger workforce to strengthen the clean economy
 Vancity makes a perfect example of being intentional throughout their climate and community focussed projects for Indigenous people in Coast Salish and Kwakwaka’wakw territories. To [...]
Values in practice
Authentic: Caja Arequipa
Values-based banks maintain an open and honest approach to their shortcomings and work to improve them. Their communications are transparent, honest and as a [...]
Values in practice
Transparent: Beneficial State Bank
Values-based banks are accountable. This accountability is first and foremost expressed by a high degree of transparency at all levels of the business model. [...]
Values in practice
Contextual: Bank Muamalat
The world is complex, and so are the social and environmental challenges we face. Significantly, values-based banks recognise that these challenges are linked. Therefore, [...]
Values in practice
Coherent: Banca Etica
While there is a great deal of change in the banking industry, the business model of conventional banks does not take a coherent approach [...]
Values in practice
Systemic: XacBank
Beyond serving their own customer, values-based banks believe in the need for a positive systemic change in the banking system itself. For that reason, [...]
Values in practice
Inclusive: Visión Banco
Values-based banks aim to build an inclusive financial system that responds to the needs of everyone and not just a few. This is reflected [...]
Values in practice
Ambitious: City First Bank
Values-based banks want to be recognised as thought leaders at the forefront of progressive banking. Therefore, they aspire to the highest standards, acknowledging that [...]