BoVDay 2020

Banking on Values Day 2020

Discover our movement and join the pioneers of a brighter future!


More than ever, this year has shown us how connected humans and nature are.

The banking on values movement has always recognised this interconnection. That’s why we use the money from our customers to only finance progressive businesses that take care of people and the planet, wherever they are in the world.

On Banking on Values Day 2020 (24th November), please enjoy and share the stories of six extraordinary pioneers of positive change supported by values-based banks. Together they show that we can build a positive future for generations to come.

Celebrate our pioneers of the future

George Jones

North America

George Jones 

“I envision an antiracist city”


Jeanette Large


Jeanette Large 

“I work for a society where everyone has a home”


Gorjana PonjevicEurope

Gorjana Ponjević Ballani 

“Despite prejudice, I’ve found my place as a female carpenter”


Brandie Stevens-Igbe

Brandie Stevens-Igbe 

“Education is key to economic recovery, especially after the pandemic”


Sattar Abdus MiahAsia

Abdus Sattar Miah 

“I’ll cook, keep the lights on, and provide heat with waste from my farm”


Vianel RivasLatin America

Vianel Rivas 

“We enable agriculture that regenerates life”

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Our pioneers show how banking on values supports positive change.

What are your dreams for the future?

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