Share #BankingOnValues and get a Fairphone 3

Photo contest

Sharing what you care about on a photo… you can get a Fairphone 3


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Celebrate with us the #BankingOnValues Day, which stresses the need to use money and banks to improve people’s quality of life and preserve the planet. While you help us to spread this transformative idea on social media, you could win a Fairphone 3 and experience the phone that cares about the people and planet.

You just have to publish a selfie with something/somebody you care about (local nature, social initiative, cultural good, historical wealth, people who is important for you…).

Post the photograph/s from the 1st to the 10th of November on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #BankingOnValues, describing the image and saying where you are.

For example, a photo of you in Vancouver with your grandmother:

Because I care about adequate care for the elderly in Vancouver, I choose #BankingOnValues.

The author(s) of the selected best image(s) will get a Fairphone 3 as recognition for his/her contribution.

Contest rules (in detail)

1. Promoter

The contest is promoted by the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), through the social networks Instagram and Twitter, which do not sponsor or endorse it, on the occasion of the #BankingOnValues Day 2019.

2. Participation

Any person over 18 years of age who has an Instagram or Twitter account and who participates in accordance with the conditions set in these rules and respects the legal conditions of the mentioned social networks. The staff of the GABV cannot qualify for the awards.

3. Contest Duration

The deadline for participation in the contest will begin on November the 1st 2019 at 00:00 a.m. Sidney time and end on November the 7th at 11:59 p.m. Vancouver time.

4. How to participate

In order for participation to be validated, participant profiles on Twitter and Instagram (a user can participate in one of the networks or both) must be public.

To participate and be elegible for the prize it will be necessary:

      • To take a selfie photo of yourself in your city or town with something you really care about (nature park, something socially valuable for the people, cultural or historic wealth). It can belong to your day-to-day, but somehow represent human/real value. It should be something you think that should be more appreciated and taken care of, for example through the activity of banking on values. Values-based banks use their customers’ money to finance only real economy that support environmental, social or cultural goods.
      • In the publication, a description of the photo/what you care about/where you are and the #BankingOnValues tag must be included.

Users can participate with more than one photograph. Each publication will be valued individually as a candidate for the award.

5. Selection of the winner/s

The winning publication/s will be selected by the GABV team, assessing its ability to convey the spirit of a more human economy and society which can be supported by choosing banking on values.

Along with this, the level of impact of the publication (number of retweets or likes) will be assessed as a complementary criterion.

Likewise, the clarity of the text that accompanies the image to explain what can be seen and its human value, as well as the aesthetic value of the photo will be positively assessed.

On the other hand, any content that the promoter considers inappropriate or offensive with the spirit of the initiative will not be considered in the choice.

6. Winner communication

The promoter will contact the winner/s through the social network in which they have participated to inform personally of the election during the week of November 11th-17th. Likewise, the winner/s will be announced publicly on GABV social media accounts and communication channels, republishing their photos. In case of inability to contact one or more of the winners within 15 days from November 10th 2019, the promoter will be exempt from any responsibility, and may not deliver the prize or choose another winner.

7. Prize

The prize consists of:

      • One mobile phone Fairphone 3. The mobile phone will be shipped to the personal adress provided by the winner.

8. Taxation

The prize is subject to the provisions of the regulations governing the income tax of individuals.

9. Processing of personal data

The participants accept, through their participation in the contest, that the contents and comments that will be published on the social networks on which the contest takes place (Instagram and Twitter) can be shared with the users of these social networks.

In order to participate in the contest it is necessary to have accepted the rules of participation of the indicated social networks.

It is not necessary for the participant to register for any GABV application in order to participate in the contest or to provide any personal data.

Nevertheless, it will be necessary to collect the winner data with the only objective of being able to provide the prize.

10. Image rights and intellectual property

The acceptance of the prize means that the winner gives consent for the use by the GABV of his/her name and images prepared for the contest for use at the different media of the GABV.

All participants must be holders of the intellectual property rights of the material presented to the contest, being fully responsible for the content. In order to include the image of minors in the photographs submitted to the contest, the participant must have the express authorization of their legal representatives.

The participant will keep the GABV harmless from any damage that it may suffer as a result of any type of claim that it may receive as a result of the participant’s failure to comply with the obligations assumed in these rules and, in particular, those relating to the authorship of the photographs submitted to the contest and the use of the image of minors in the photographs presented. The winner gives to the GABV, free of charge, for the participation in the contest, the rights of reproduction and distribution to the public of the winning photographs, allowing their display by the media that the GABV decides.

11. Responsibility

The GABV may cancel any participation in the contest on suspicion that there has been a breach by the participant of these terms.

The GABV assumes no responsibility to the participant or third parties for the loss of data that may occur as a result of email or social media problems in which the contest takes place.

Likewise, the GABV may modify at any time the conditions set in these rules, including to cancel or modify the duration of the contest, provided there is a just cause and it is communicated by the same means in which these rules are being communicated.

Finally, the GABV does not assume any responsibility for the violation of the intellectual property rights of the participants that may occur as a result of non-compliance with the requirements established in the section “Intellectual property of these rules.

12. Rules

Participation in this contest implies full acceptance of the rules contained in this text.


Zeist, the Netherlands, on October 19th, 2019