Because you care, celebrate #BankingOnValues Day 2019!

Let’s share a powerful way to change the world by celebrating together the #BankingOnValues international day (November 7).


1) You have to know this

Your money has real power to change the world (see why…) 


You have a powerful way to act for the things you care about.

When you choose banking on values, you support financing a real economy with human value.

Celebrate with us the international Banking On Values Day (7th November) to bring this idea further! It’s not something theoretical, but a growing reality, with near 60 banks in the 5 continents.

For example:

      • If you care about climate, you will like to know that we are promoting renewable energies in many countries, like our member Vermont State Employees Credit Union is doing in the United States.
      • If you care about equality, know that we are supporting initiatives worldwide to make it real, like empowering women that have escaped violence, with Bank of Australia.
      • If you care about migrants, values-based organisations like the Bangladesh Brac Bank are helping them to have the decent life that they deserve.

The Global Alliance for Banking on Values turns now 10 years working to achieve that values-based banking becomes the norm and not anymore an exception, everywhere. Should not money and banks always serve a human purpose?

2) Now that you know, act with us

Share a photo of what you care about… and get a Fairphone 3! (see how…)


Sharing what you care about with a photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #BankingOnValues (from 1st to 10th November) you can get a Fairphone 3, the innovative mobile phone produced with care for the people and the planet.

How to participate in our photo contest?

Enjoy and share our carefully crafted campaign images (see them…)


Do you like the #BankingOnValues Day 2019 campaign images created by Paula Molina?

Promote our social cause sharing them with #BankingOnValues or printing posters. Thus, others will discover this option to fight for the causes you care about.

Get the #BankingOnValues images in multiple formats

Send this article with reasons for a change (see more…)


Ten reasons to care about banking on values, by Marcos Eguiguren, managing director at the Global Alliance for Banking on Values.