The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) is calling for a fundamental shift in how banks operate to make them more transparent, sustainable and diverse. At several points over the life of the GABV, it has been timely and appropriate for the members to voice a collective public statement that reflects not only where our banks stand now, but where we want to stand as a collective movement.

Since the beginning of the #bankingonvalues movement, GABV members have established and agreed upon the following declarations. These include the Founding Charter (2009), to establish members shared values and joint mission, the Lima Declaration (2011) to agree on discussions about regulatory changes impacting all financial institutions, the Berlin Declaration (2013) to communicate to the banking industry, policymakers, and regulators the GABV’s focus on driving a fundamental banking paradigm shift, and the Kathmandu Pledge (2017) to add greater specificity to the commitments of our individual members and the reasons why we commit to the bank this way.

It is expected that leaders of GABV member banks take time to embed these declarations into their bank’s work, culture, and public communications to support the change needed in the banking eco-system as well as internally to foster culture change and mission clarity. As the GABV continues to grow and develop, additional affirmations and signals of who we are and what we stand for will continue to be established.

Image by Kien Virak