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The Global Alliance was established as a Dutch not-for-profit foundation in 2009. Under its Articles of Incorporation, the Alliance is governed by a Board of Directors. Operational responsibilities are delegated to a Secretariat through the Chair of the Board.

The Board has a regional structure with the Chair and Vice-Chair selected on a global basis. Current members include:

  • Peter Blom, CEO, Triodos Bank (The Netherlands), Chair
  • Shameran Abed,  Director of BRAC Microfinance Programme (Bangladesh), Asia-Pacific Region
  • Ugo Biggeri, President, Etica Sgr (Italy), European Region
  • Kurt Koenigsfest, (1965 – 2021), CEO, BancoSol (Bolivia), Latin American Region
  • David Reiling, CEO, Sunrise Banks (USA), North American Region
  • Fabian Kasi, Managing Director, Centenary Bank (Uganda), African Region
  • Damien Walsh, Managing Director, Bank Australia, (Australia), At Large

The GABV  Honorary Directors:


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