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A 13 Year-long Partnership with OBS

Bank Opportunity Bank Serbia
Client Milan Lezakov
Location Novi Sad, Serbia

Overall operations of this little craft shop in Novi Sad are based on a concept of family business. Without any employees, services of upholstery and reparation are provided by Milan and his wife, with the help of their son. During the thirteen-year-long partnership with the Bank, Milan Lezakov has repaid 7 loans and currently has one active loan. These loans were used as means to realize his goals, one by one, with an aim to improve his business.

Craftshop Tatjana, provides services such as upholstery and repair of furniture, as well as production and sale of cushions, slippers, lazy bags, tabourets, toys for children etc. Versatile production enables independence from seasonally based work and poses a lower market risk, so it is no wonder that business has been operating successfully for over two decades. It all began after Milan and his wife lost their permanent and secure income in state-owned companies. The idea itself came from the wife’s brother, who did upholstery as a hobby and with his help, they began to provide upholstery services in homes in the area, with minimal investments – they had no workshop, just one upholstery gun, and a small sewing machine. Milan delivered the materials and small pieces of furniture on his bicycle when the job demanded.

Today, the client carries out all his business activities within his own business space, which includes both sales and production facilities. The business space is located on the same property as the client’s house, which significantly reduces their expenses. The market is there and whether there will be buyers or not depends on one’s dedication and perseverance to always make the quality their number one priority. One has to be firm in his intent to succeed and accomplish goals because it is important to finish all that you have started, and this is Milan’s formula for success.


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