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#BankingOnValues Blogs (Jul. 2015)

Want to Lobby for Change? How to talk #BankingOnValues

Mario Husillos (University of Malaga) partnered with the GABV to lobby for values-based banking. Learn more.

Mario Husillos and the GABV

Nichol Beckstrand, Sunrise Banks (USA)

Kicks off a blog series on female change-makers. Four stories, four women, four entrepreneurs. Learn more.

When Employees Win, Organizations Win

John Horn, Vancity (Canada) on creating the right co-worker culture for organisations with a vision to “redefine wealth”. Learn more.

From 8 to 8.5 million impressions

Linda Ryan, GABV (The Netherlands) on the #BankingOnValues campaign. Learn more.

Serving Remote Communities

William Azaroff, Vancity (Canada) on the importance of the presence of a local financial institution; people have to leave their communities to do their banking Learn more.


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