Mission Statement

We are an inclusive Bank, committed to contributing in a positive manner to Economic Development, the generation of job opportunities, employment and wealth towards poverty relief  by offering sustainable solutions designed to provide proper responses to the majority of people, entrepreneurs, families, enterprises, organizations and communities in each market and region of the country.

Brief History

The bank started to operate in 1992 as a financial institution, with just seven employees. Since then Vision Banco has become synonymous in the marketplace with creativity and innovation. These approaches are embedded in the organizational culture of the bank.

We were the first to offer demand savings accounts, to install ATMs in Customer Service Centres and to offer retail exchange services when the Central Bank of Paraguay allowed financial institutions to offer them.

Vision Banco consolidated its leadership in microfinance in the country by being the first institution in Paraguay to sign a loan agreement with the Corporacion Andina de Fomento and benefited from the funding of the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank in a project to strengthen the bank’s microfinancial products.

Vision Banco was also the first Paraguayan private financial company to present a sustainability report, and was the first to receive a social rating by the Italian agency Microfinanzas Rating, in 2009.


  • President: Luis Maldonado
  • Vice-President: Julio Jacquet
  • General Manager:  Carlos Avalos

Market Focus, Products and Services

From the beginning, Vision Banco operated as a private institution, receiving deposits from the public to run financial intermediation operations. The bank has added to these financial intermediation services (deposits/loans) counter services that allowed clients to perform all types of payments and money transactions, as significant added value. This explains the importance of the network of Customer Service Centres in the communities it serves.

The bank’s target segments are people and families, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and communities and organizations. It reaches them with inclusive products that are designed to provide better and broader access to the banking sector.

Vision Banco’s commitment to offer financial services in the country is firm, extending its operations under a clear strategy based on delivering country-level coverage. It offers non-financial services as value added to its commercial operations and opens Customer Service Points for extended hours, including Saturdays and Sundays. It also integrates a 24-hour online service named VISION ON LINE and mobile banking via VISION MOVIL.

Since 2003 to date, Vision Banco certifies its products, processes and services under the norms of ISO 9001. It also has a rating from Standard & Poor’s global scale and, a local scale certification from Feller Rate.

The Bank has reinforced transparency, financial customer protection and financial education programmes, strengthening its position as the leader in responsible banking with several inclusive financial products offered in the market.

In 2012, Vision Banco implemented a “Good Practices Guide” pilot in transparency and customer protection.

Vision Banco has challenged itself to serve 1,000,000 clients by 2017.


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