Mibanco is committed to offering its communities opportunities for progress and access to the financial system.

Short History

More than 42 years ago, 15 successful entrepreneurs founded Acción Comunitaria del Perú (ACP) an organization that became one of the world’s pioneers in microcredit loans.

In May 1998, over 12 years ago, ACP founded Mibanco and transferred to it its entire client portfolio. ACP became Mibanco’s majority shareholder and operative manager in this new venture. This signaled the beginning of Peru’s first for-profit, fully-regulated commercial bank dedicated to microenterprise.

Mibanco’s initial USD 16 million in capital came entirely from the private sector, with 60% coming from ACP’s client base and loan portfolio.

By the end of December 2010, Mibanco served more than half a million clients, both on the asset (loans) and the liability (deposits) sides, and operated 112 branches throughout Peru.


Shareholder Share in %
Grupo ACP 60.07%
Acción Investments in Microfinance SPC 9.36%
IFC 6.50%
Acción International 6.33%
Hivos-Triodos Fund Foundation 5.45%
Triodos-Doen Foundation 5.45%
La Positiva Vida Seguros y Reaseguros 2.62%
La Positiva Cía. de Seguros y Reaseguros 2.58%
Triodos Fair Share Fund 0.92%
Others 0.72%

Board of Management

  • Hugo Santa Maria (Chairman of the Board)
  • Luis Felipe Derteano (Deputy Chairman of the Board)
  • Carlos Morante (General Manager)

Market focus, products and services

Mibanco provides working capital, investment loans, and housing loans to small businesses, but it also offers current accounts, savings accounts, and deposit accounts to private individuals. With loans starting at USD 100, Mibanco has enabled thousands of people to access financial services.

Groups of businesses can also turn to Mibanco. For example a group of market stallholders wishing to collectively turn their open-stall market into a shopping center. Continued successful growth has enabled Mibanco to launch new products in the market, including the initial steps that were taken in 2007 for the provision of loans to small businesses owners so they could bring water and electricity into their homes.

Mibanco is also involved in the Transparency and Sustainability in Finance project that aims to create awareness about the social and environmental impact of business activities.

Key memberships and affiliations

Aside from being a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, Mibanco is also a member of the Microfinance Network, the Women’s World Banking Global Network and the Acción Network, all of which aim at bringing leading microfinance institutions together.

Highlights 2007 – 2010

Mibanco added two new products to its rural group lending: a risk management system and credit scoring to help loan officers objectively rate prospective borrowers and calculate the risk of extending credit to them.

Also, during 2008, Mibanco implemented an innovative distribution channel called ‘Agencia Móvil’. This high-technology branch travels to remote locations and cities of the country, especially to rural areas, allowing clients to carry out the same transactions they would normally do in a regular branch.

Furthermore, Mibanco has implemented new channels to serve more clients, such as Miamigo, aimed at increasing new client acquisition through the retention of our best clients by rewarding their effort. Approved Credit Strategy is a marketing strategy that allows us to offer micro and small business owners a fast credit at adequate amounts to meet their needs.

In 2009, Mibanco was recognized as a leader in corporate governance and was awarded Management & Excellence’s AAA+ rating, its highest Corporate Social Responsibility score.

Additionally, Mibanco has received the Prize for Excellence in Microfinance for Latin America and the Caribbean awarded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) in 2006 and 2009.

In 2010, in order to promote greater development opportunities for microbusiness entrepreneurs, Mibanco secured an international syndicated loan structured by the IADB, for USD 45 million equivalent in nuevos soles, in order to develop a program to increase its lending capacity to women, through a greater supply of credits.

In 2012, Mibanco was rated “4” by Planet Rating organization, placing it at the top of the “Committed” category which demonstrates Mibanco’s clear commitment to accomplishing its social goals, minimum risk of diversion from its social mission, reasonable management of social performance and adequate financial inclusion efforts while fully recognizing the risks of social responsibility. With this award, Mibanco becomes the first and only bank having earned this top rating in Peru and the world.

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