Our Mission is to do the right thing for:
• The Environment
• Our People
• Our Community
• Our Shareholders

Short History

As the CEO of First Green Bank, Ken LaRoe hopes to help turn Central Florida ‘green’ one customer at a time. Mr. LaRoe, who is a Eustis native, capped a successful career by selling Florida Choice Bank in 2006, and planned to retire when he and his wife set out on a lengthy, soul-searching journey across the U.S. in a mini motor home. Along the way he began reading a book his brother had given him: “Let My People Go Surfing,” by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, the highly successful outdoor clothing and equipment company. Chouinard’s philosophical approach to business greatly influenced Ken. He became convinced that business can be holistic: in addition to making a profit, business can have a positive impact on society. Chouinard developed a business model which integrated his principles and professional acumen, and he was able to experience enduring success without the degree of ethical compromise that often counters the contributions business leadership is capable of making to our environment and culture.

When Ken returned from his cross-country journey, he decided to put his newfound philosophy to work. Ken has been a committed environmentalist all of his life. He strongly believes that efficient, wise use of our resources — conservation — is a fundamental virtue and an economic necessity, and he also believes that his environmental principles mesh perfectly with his conservative business principles. He returned to Eustis with a new passion: How to put his principles to the test in the banking business. He began talking with some of his colleagues and friends and they all got very excited. They wanted to create a business that would be both profitable and focus on doing the right thing, believing that those two concepts aren’t mutually exclusive.

Founded in 2009 by a team of very experienced and successful local bankers after being given the last bank charter in the state of Florida, First Green Bank is a customer-driven community bank providing personalized service, localized decision-making and extended banking hours while promoting a positive environmental and social example to our community. First Green Bank is one of the first banks in the United States which has an environmental and social mission. As “a local bank with a global mission,” First Green Bank endeavors to do the right thing for: the environment, its people, its community, and its shareholders.

Management Board

• Kenneth LaRoe, Chairman and CEO
• Paul Rountree, President
• Melissa Atkins, CFO


Whether you’re an individual or a business customer, First Green Bank is committed to helping you meet your needs and achieve your goals while helping to sustain the environment that supports us all. Discover the services, products and dedication that make First Green Bank a better banking environment.

All First Green Bank Business and Personal Checking Accounts come with Free Online Banking and Bill Payment, Free MasterCard Debit Card, Free E-Statements and Free Check Value Pack with first order.

In addition to providing standard banking products, such as checking accounts, savings accounts, Money Market accounts, Certificates of Deposit, and Merchant Card Services, we do offer reduced loan rates for projects that meet environmentally friendly criteria, such as high MPG vehicles, or building projects with LEED® Certification or other green projects.


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