Centenary Bank’s mission is to provide appropriate financial services, especially microfinance, to all people in Uganda, particularly in rural areas, in a sustainable manner and in accordance with the law.


The bank’s vision is to be the best provider of financial services, especially micro-finance, in Uganda.


Centenary Bank started as an initiative of the Uganda National Lay Apostolate in 1983 as a credit trust. It began operations in 1985 and was mainly serving economically disadvantaged people especially in rural areas. Since 1993 it is registered as a fully-fledged commercial bank.

Centenary Bank is now the leading micro finance commercial bank in Uganda with:

  •  1,200,000 deposit clients, representing a third of the banking population in Uganda;
  • 130,000 loan clients, the highest number of borrowers in Uganda’s industry;
  • and currently operates in 57 areas countrywide, via 124 Automated Teller Machines (ATMs).


Centenary Bank’s ownership comprises the Catholic Dioceses of Uganda (38.5%), the Uganda Catholic Secretariat (31.3%), the International Solidarity for Development and Investment based in France (11.6%) and the Stichting Hivos – Triodos Fonds in the Netherlands (18.3%) along with four individuals (0.3%).

Board Members

  • Professor John Ddumba Ssentamu, Chair
  • Mr Fabian Kasi, Managing Director
  • Dr Simon M.S. Kagugube, Executive Director
  • Mr Jacco Minnaar
  • Mr Kimanthi Mutua
  • Dr Peter Ngategize
  • Mr Henry Kibirige
  • Mr Andrew Obol
  • Mt Rev. Dr Cyprian K. Lwanga
  • Mt Rev. Paul Bakyenga
  • Mr Rene Ehrmann

Market Focus, Products and Services

Centenary Bank has a variety of banking products which include, deposit products, credit products, personal & business loans, agriculture financing, e-banking products and other services including money transfer, mobile money, e-payments, safe custody and treasury bills/bonds dealership service.

To deliver as a socially responsible bank Centenary participates in four main areas:

  • Education, where we the bank’s has a financial literacy series for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), women and young people;
  • Health, where the bank participates in breast, cervical and prostate cancer awareness and screening exercises all over the country in a campaign called ‘Bridging the Cancer Gap’;
  • Donations to worthy causes in different communities, which include nutrition, youth programs, child health;
  • Centenary Bank also supports the Social Mission of the Church by funding various church programmes.

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