To produce social justice and environmental well-being at the same time that we are economically sustainable.


A banking industry that is fair to the person with the least bargaining power; Provides access to financial services for all our communities, particularly the traditionally underserved; Results in the long-term prosperity of responsible consumers; Promotes financial system stability; and Contributes to the sustainability of the environmental commons. We call this vision beneficial banking.

Theory of Change

Beneficial State Bank is a triple bottom-line financial institution that believes money should serve people, not the other way around. We institutionalized our values of trust, justice and empowerment by giving 100% of the economic rights of our bank to our foundation which is governed in the public interest and can only reinvest bank profits, when distributed, back into robust community living and the environment that sustains us all. We believe that a far better world isn’t only possible, it’s being built right now by inspired people everywhere. So we’re building a better future with our customers by building a better banking system: Beneficial Banking.

We offer our customers a new kind of bank and the tools they need to build something beautiful. Our commercial loans, transactional services and financial assistance are made to serve those who are creating a better world. The future we’re creating together will strengthen our local communities, improve quality of life for each of us, and be reflected in widespread gains in social equity and environmental renewal. Our ultimate goal is nothing short of changing the banking system by migrating deposit, equity and human capital to a better, beneficial bank model.

Short History

Beneficial State Bank (formerly One PacificCoast Bank, FSB & OneCalifornia Bank), grew from the vision of Tom Steyer and Kat Taylor and the team they formed to create a triple bottom-line bank and a supportive nonprofit foundation of the same name. In 2007, that vision was realized when OneCalifornia Bank and OneCalifornia Foundation opened in Oakland. Fashioned in the image of the great socially responsible banks and credit unions of national and international fame, the Bank is mandated to produce meaningful social justice and environmental benefits at the same time that it is financially sustainable.

In December 2010, OneCalifornia bank acquired ShoreBank Pacific and changed its name to One PacificCoast Bank. The merger greatly expanded the Bank’s reach on the West Coast, and enhanced its capacity to serve its mission. ShoreBank Pacific, a pioneer of environmentally sustainable banking, serves both Washington and Oregon. Joining forces with OneCalifornia Bank produced an enlarged footprint covering a bio-regional territory some call the Salmon Nation and united the forces of social justice and ecological banking.

In October 2013, One PacificCoast Bancorp completed a stock purchase transaction of 90% of Albina Community Bank, bringing a Portland-based community bank that has been investing in individuals, families, businesses, and local neighborhoods over 17 years, into our family.

In July 2014, One PacificCoast Bank rebranded to develop an identity that reflects our vision, mission and commitment to our triple bottom-line, rather than merely the geographical region we serve – Beneficial State Bank.


Beneficial State Bank has a unique ownership structure. The economic rights of Beneficial State Bank are owned by Beneficial State Foundation.  When profits of the Bank are distributed, they can only be distributed to the Foundation which is mandated to reinvest those proceeds back into the communities and the environment on which we all depend. This ownership model aligns our incentives with the triple bottom line and the values of our bank customers.

Management Board

 Executive Team

  • Kat Taylor, Co-Founder & Co-Chief Executive Officer
  • Daniel Skaff, President & Co-Chief Executive Officer
  • Randell Leach, Regional President, Pacific Northwest
  • Richard Fletcher, Executive Vice President, Chief Lending Officer
  • Michael Roberts, Executive Vice President, Operations & Technology Services
  • Madison Le, Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Jann W. Wallach, Senior Vice President, Compliance Officer
  • Thu Nguyen, Senior Vice President of Finance and Controller
  • Cem Bolkan, Senior Vice President, Chief Credit Officer

Board Members

  • Andrew B. Fremder
  • Brenda B. Spriggs
  • Dale Walker
  • Daniel Skaff
  • Hal Dawson
  • Kat Taylor
  • Richard B. Fried
  • Robert Davenport III
  • Robert S. Townsend
  • Tom Steyer

Market Focus, Products and Services

Providing credit to constructive businesses and non-profits — especially those boosting entrepreneurial activity in inner cities, following and strengthening wellness models, or reconnecting vital rural/urban dependencies — is our main business.  Credit allows these beneficial activities to grow and scale. We also believe that a healthy environment is the only reliable foundation for economic prosperity. Finally, the Bank must be a catalyst for positive change in our communities by providing fair, transparent, and sustainable banking products and services as alternatives to more predatory practices that otherwise unwind the benefits of our lending practice.

In addition to our commercial lending, we provide robust deposit services to our communities and transparent products such as values-aligned affinity credit cards, alternatives to predatory small-dollar loans, and incentivized savings programs. These services help individuals and families to build assets and to meet goals such as higher education, or the purchase of a home, automobile or business.


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