To be the financial institution preferred by micro and small enterprises in Bolivia, based on a solid solvency position and quality of our services; and to attract investors committed to equitable and inclusive development in Bolivia.


To be recognized worldwide as the microfinance institution of the future, where the international financial system promotes global development based not only on economic growth but also on human needs, including distributive justice and environmental protection.

Brief history

FIE was born in 1985 as a non-government organisation. It was a pioneer and a leader in serving the financial demands of sectors of the population in greatest need. Individual credit was introduced with its own technology. It began operating in 1998 as a Private Financial Fund, and in 2010 became a bank. 30 years since then and Banco FIE maintains and preserves its philosophy and essence of work by supporting the implementation of economic projects, providing access to financial services with equity, quality and transparency. The bank’s challenge is to progress without neglecting a social and responsible behaviour; seeking community impacts beyond economics.


The highest governing body of Banco Fie is its Board of Directors, composed of seven directors and two supervisory trustees – one representing the majority and other minorities. One of its main functions is to define and monitor compliance with the strategic guidelines relating to environmental, economic and social development of the entity. The governance structure of Banco Fie ensures that the Board is independent of the executive management functions. All directors participate in specialized committees that support the Board in its analysis on specific issues related to its oversight.

Composition of Board

  • Ximena Behoteguy Terrazas, President
  • Ricardo Villavicencio Núñez, Vice President
  • Capriles Marisol Fernandez, Secretary.
  • David Rivas, Director
  • Hector Gallardo, Director
  • Carlos Mejia Rocabado, Director
  • Noelia Romao Derpic Grisi, Director
  • Mery Solares, Director

Market focus, products and services

Banco FIE from its beginning in 1985 as a non-government organization focused on lending to micro and small enterprises in Bolivia, for most of its financial career this was a core activity. Banco FIE established as a multiple bank in 2014, comprehensively serving all segments of the Bolivian population with quality, timeliness and efficiency. Financial inclusion is part of the organization´s philosophy, in that sense its greatest challenge is constantly deepening through:

  • Comprehensively covering rural and peri-urban areas.
  • Supporting the agricultural production sector.
  • Reinforcing gender equality
  • Providing access to financing for technical and university education
  • Offering financial literacy programs.
  • Offering savings and credit products.

Banco FIE has a wide range of credit and savings products, tailored to the needs and demands of different segments of the Bolivian population.



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