Our purpose as an organization and promise to our members, employees and communities is built on co-operative values and principles – values and principles that guide us in all we do. We work to provide great opportunities for our members to invest in one another. We put their deposits to work and lend out to other members, co-operatives, social enterprises and other community businesses fueling economic growth and sustainable development in local communities across the province.

Short History

Credit Unions in Saskatchewan were formed during the Great Depression when people and communities began co-operatively pooling their resources to help one another survive through difficult times. Over the past eight decades, credit unions in Saskatchewan have flourished, expanding their membership and branch networks, eventually giving way to numerous mergers.

Affinity Credit Union is a product of over sixty credit union mergers throughout its history. Partnering with like-minded credit unions whose co-operative roots run deep and are an integral part of the fabric has contributed to the success and growth of the province.

Today Affinity is one of the largest credit unions in Canada with over $5.7 billion in assets under administration. Affinity offers access to a complete range of accounts and services throughout the province.

As a good corporate citizen, Affinity invests a minimum of around 6% of pre-tax profits directly back into the communities it serves. To further demonstrate its commitment to community investment, Affinity’s 900 employees and 117 elected officials, volunteer their time and energy to projects that have both a positive social and economic impact on the communities they work and live in.

Affinity is a dynamic, progressive and socially-responsible financial institution and is committed to creating great opportunities for its members, employees and communities. Affinity belongs to its members and exists to add value to the communities it serves by creating partnerships, fostering growth and enhancing financial security.


Affinity Credit Union is 100% member owned co-operative financial institution. Currently, it has 134,000 members all of whom are invited to participate in a unique governance structure comprised of 12 local district councils. To ensure local interests are represented members from each district elect delegates to their respective District Councils who in turn elect the directors who sit on the Affinity Board.
These District Councils guarantee a strong, ongoing connection to the communities they serve and strengthen the grass roots democracy of the organization.

One of Affinity’s most unique governance aspects is our First Nations district composed of 10 delegates from 9 different First Nations Bands across Saskatchewan. Creation of this district in 2007 was a strategic decision to build structural relationships with First Nations.

Management Board

• Mark Lane, Chief Executive Officer
• Scott Flavel, Board Chair

Market Focus, Products and Services

Affinity is a full service credit union providing its 134,000 members access to financial products and services through various channels.
• 77 branches located throughout the province including 7 in Saskatoon and 3 in Regina.
• Provincial ATM network.
• Internet, Mobile and Telephone Banking
• TeleService® Member Contact Centre

Picking the right financial product can sometimes be daunting. Whether a member is looking to invest or borrow, Affinity employs a highly trained network of accredited professionals that will assist in choosing the product that best meets the member’s needs.

Delivering full range of traditional financial products while offering the highest standard in member service is only part of what Affinity does. Affinity recognizes that everyone’s needs are different and everyone’s situation is unique. That is why Affinity has developed specialty products and individualized programs that meet the needs of their diverse membership.

As a socially responsible co-operative financial institution, Affinity has developed programs to assist the underprivileged and underserved markets. By engaging in affordable housing initiatives and teaching youth how to save money through Individual Development Accounts, Affinity works with individuals and families to achieve their goals and build sustainable communities.

Affinity realizes that getting a good start can mean all the difference in business. Affinity offers community and micro loans to help organizations and individuals launch a business or enhance the services they provide to the community.

There are 9 First Nations that are in partnership with Affinity. This unique engagement provides respectful and relevant financial options to help build financial security and healthy First Nations communities over the long term.

From personal to business, youth to heritage, First Nations to new Canadians, marginalized to financially secure, Affinity appreciates and celebrates the diverse membership it serves. It strives to build relationships, find financial solutions and develop self-sufficiency and sustainability. Affinity is not just in the business of providing financial services; it’s about improving lives and enhancing communities.

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