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2018: A “leap year” for Amalgamated Bank by Keith Mestrich

At the end of every year, people often take time to reflect on the year that was and what can be done to improve in the year ahead. The slate is wiped clean and resolutions are made, often complete with gym memberships, diet plans or book clubs.

Typically, however, come February, the treadmill is draped with clothes, bread is again a staple of every meal and podcasts become a more attractive alternative to lugging a hardcover onto the subway. In the case of Amalgamated Bank, however, we made big promises in 2017, and, in 2018, we delivered.

This year marked a truly pivotal one in Amalgamated Bank’s 95-year history, one that will help shape the direction of the bank for the next 95. Our merger with New Resource Bank gave birth to one of the largest socially responsible banks in America by expanding our customer base and footprint to San Francisco and Boulder, Colorado, and strategically positioning us to continue that growth trajectory. Our IPO gave us ongoing access to capital markets and liquid currency that, hand-in-hand with the merger, will aid in our long term growth strategy. But just describing these two landmark achievements, doesn’t do justice to the amount of coffee, late nights or edits to Excel spreadsheets that took place to make these historic milestones possible. This success is a testament to all of your hard work and you should be very proud of what we accomplished together.

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Courtesy of Amalgamated Bank.


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