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The Melting Icecaps need to be saved

Our world is in a state of emergency, and we need to act now, if we want to save it.

During the GABV Summit in February 2019, one of the focus topics was Melting icecaps. Our speakers had a lot to say about the issue and its severity. Sheila Watt-Cloutier, Author and Activist stated “We know the science, we know climate change is man-made, and we see the effects. What is lacking in us and our world for us not to be taking urgent action?” Her answer to this question was Imagination. Many of us lack imagination to pursue and believe in a new way of business and economic development. We need to rethink the systems, if we want to change them.

Many communities and organisations believe that climate change is a hoax. However, the evidence outweighs their views. According to NASA, the evidence that the Earth is experiencing rapid climate change is hard to avoid. The global average temperature has risen by 0,9 degrees Celsius since 1880 due to increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions. This results in oceans absorbing this heat and affecting the sea life. The ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctic have greatly decreased affecting the life of people, such as the Inuit, and the animals. These are merely the visible effects of the climate change.

The statistics are daunting and yet there is room for real opportunity. There are many difficult conversations that need to be shared, but we will be able to have them together. We believe that where money moves truly matters. Sandrine Dixson-Decleve, Co-President the Club of Rome & ClimateKIC, Advisory Board states “Being bold is putting your money where your mouth is. No more investment in stranded assets. We do not have the time.”

Our members are actively taking part in climate movements to create awareness because they are #BankingOnValues. What about you? As individuals there are many ways, we can save our planet. Learn more about them through this article published by BBC.

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