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The Kathmandu Pledge

At several points over the life of the GABV, it has been timely and appropriate for the members to voice a collective public statement that reflects not only where our banks stand now, but where do we want to go as a collective movement.

The Kathmandu pledge fits a twofold purpose: to strengthen the cohesion and to homogenize the ambitions of members around a shared goal. We hope the Kathmandu Pledge will become a cornerstone in the development of the GABV 2020 ambition.

The Kathmandu Pledge will respond to a series of issues we thought relevant at this stage of the GABV development. Most importantly it explains WHAT we commit to and WHY we commit to it, looking at the challenges of the world today. It re-establishes the core and the heart of the GABV – The Principles of Values-Based Banking. It gives an overview of HOW we do things and the kind of banking we practice.

The Kathmandu Pledge was drafted by a group of six CEOs during the three days of arduous work at the annual event and was presented to all CEOs at the annual general meeting on March 9, 2017.


The Kathmandu Pledge



It is urgent that we address environmental and social challenges while building positive human relationships based on respect and trust.

Transformation of the economy to address these challenges, including technological innovation, will be led by individuals and enterprises around the world with support from finance.

Finance is expected to deliver impact on people’s lives by building a resilient financial system that serves the needs of the real economy.

Creating value in meeting society’s social, environmental and economic needs must be the centre of banking with money as a transformative agent rather than an objective in itself.


Our Pledge

We commit to:

  1. Fostering long-term and integrated social, environmental and economic development in the communities and wider societies that we serve
  2. Providing banking services to individuals and enterprises based on the Principles of Values-based Banking
  3. Serving a vibrant and diverse mix of individuals and enterprises and being socially, environmentally and culturally conscious to contribute to the development, happiness and well-being of our stakeholders
  4. Being local, regional and global leaders providing progressive and visionary models for the renewal of the banking system through our actions
  5. Supporting innovative and continuous renewal and development in the real economy consistent with what our planet can support whilst placing people and human-based relationships at the core.


The full Kathmandu Pledge can be downloaded here.


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