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The First B Movement Global Meeting ends with an Open Letter to governments of the G20 Nations

With the support of WEAll (Wellbeing Economy Alliance), Sistema B, The B Team, the Global Steering Group and B Lab have joined together to write an Open Letter to governments of the G20 Nations.

Given that our world leaders will meet this week to work on the global economy, this group of organizations are calling to recognize and address the fact that today’s economy is not aligned with many of the real needs of society and the planet.

Decades of prioritising GDP growth over social equity has resulted in historically high levels of inequality, destruction of natural capital and the decline of social capital, putting at stake the very essence of our democracy and freedom. If our economic systems continue to function as they are, these key indicators of wellbeing will severely impact our current fragile economy. In this context, building a sustainable and inclusive future demands urgent redesign and change.

In this context, Sistema B together with The B Team, the Global Steering Group and B Lab wrote an Open Letter to the G20 Nations calling on world leaders to recognize and address the fact that the economy today is disconnected from its essence with society and the planet. “We need to talk about an economy that incorporates a positive impact for people and the planet, at the same time” say the conveners.

With the support of WEAll (Wellbeing Economy Alliance), the signers of the letter are:

  • Paul Polman – CEO Unilever/ Chair of The B Team
  • Amit Bhatia – CEO Global Steering Group
  • Bart Houlahan – Co-founder B Lab
  • Pedro Tarak – Co-founder and President Sistema B Internacional

The letter has been translated in 5 languages and was officially presented to more than 1,000 people from 30 countries in the first B Movement Global Meeting, recently concluded in southern Chile. “The purpose of the document is to demonstrate, with concrete actions, that millions of people can be part of global scale solutions” said Pedro Tarak, co-founder of Sistema B and one of the signatories of the letter.

Concrete proposals:

  1. Create a working group, as part of the G20 structure, to propose net positive impact economic policies.
  2. Create mechanisms and a legal framework in all G20 countries for establishing ‘for-benefit” corporations.
  3. Convene Leaders of global businesses, funds and NGOs to work with G20 governments over the long term on economic transition.

Support the petition to call on world leaders to commit to leading change towards Global Impact Economy! #GlobalImpactEconomy


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