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Support the #BankingOnValues Campaign (Oct. 22)

On October 22 we’re calling on all members to join the second international #BankingOnValues campaign. The initiative is led by the GABV but developed by our members, and for our members. In particular, we’re calling on all co-workers actively involved in the Alliance, like CEO’s, participants in the Leadership Academy, partners, and experts in our GABV Communities of Practice (Human Resources, Metrics, Marketing and Communications etc.) to lead and actively drive the campaign locally. By collaborating on one topic, with one voice, on one day we can amplify this movement.

#BankingOnValues is a public initiative and it invites all members, partners, and members’ customers to get involved in celebrating the growing, global values-based banking movement that is creating positive change in the world’s banking system, and driving positive economic, social and environmental impact by influencing how banks and banking cooperatives serve human needs and the real economy. 

Campaign goals

  • Raise awareness of values-based banking by humanising it; highlighting the PEOPLE behind it, their PASSION, their vision and WHY they’re involved.
  • Create interest in values-based banking; that it EXISTS, is a GLOBAL MOVEMENT, an AGENT OF social, economic and environmental CHANGE and that it puts PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT.
  • Build action in the movement; using a triple activation approach of JOIN (event/webcast), SHARE (social media), and PARTICIPATE (ask questions and provide feedback at local and online events).

Campaign targets

Last year’s campaign resulted in:

  • 7500+ public social media posts creating over 8.8 million impressions
  • Media attention surrounding values-based banking and #BankingOnValues in at least six countries (Italy, Peru, El Salvador, Canada, Spain and The Netherlands)
  • 4000+ video views of Ralph, the values-based banker.

This year, with your support, we’re aspiring to create a significant lift in all elements:

  • 10,000 public social media posts
  • 10 million impressions
  • 1000 additional video views
  • 10% co-worker (3000) participation rate in the webcast.

Next steps

  • We’re collaborating with many of our GABV Marketing and Communications colleagues but we’d love to have ALL members committing to support this member-led initiative. If you are a GABV member, partner or passionate advocate and you haven’t already connected with GABV Communications and Programme Manager, Linda Ryan, please email her today:
  • The campaign-in-a-box (guide, project timeline, messages, graphics and tools) will be distributed in September to our Marketing and Communications network, so that we can begin the public campaign on October 1 to build momentum for October 22. If you are a CEO, participant in the Leadership Academy, or expert from a GABV Community of Practice please connect with your local campaign coordinator and offer your support. Please also commit to JOINING (event/webcast), SHARING (social media), and PARTICIPATING (ask questions and provide feedback at local and online events) on October 22.



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