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Migrants, #MeToo, and Melting Icecaps… Redefining Banking for a Radically Different Future – GABV Summit and Annual Meeting

We are delighted to announce the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) will celebrate its 10th anniversary in Vancouver, Canada with the public Summit: Migrants, #MeToo, and Melting Icecaps… Redefining Banking for a Radically Different Future.

Hosted by GABV member Vancity, GABV community and guests will gather in a city known for its natural beauty, livability and progressive values, on February 19-20, 2019 for this intriguing and inspiring two-day event, one which allows us to explore values-based banking within the context of the social, environmental and economic challenges of our time.

We believe that amongst private sector actors, the banking industry must play a significant role in the way society faces its challenges. The first step we need to take is to change finance in order to finance change—be it social, environmental or economic. Positive intentionality in terms of where money is allocated by the world’s banks can substantially accelerate a shift to a new economic paradigm. Banks have, for too long, been part of the problem. Rather, they must play a leading role in developing solutions.

There are banks already doing so. They’re leading the values-based banking movement. These banks, members of the GABV, have long histories of using money for good and can be an inspiration for policymakers, regulators, influencers, academics and members of civil society (read our ebook GABV Stories of Systemic Change). During the Summit we will learn from experts in the field and engage with values-based bankers, regulators and civil society to clarify what must be done in the coming years to holistically redefine the banking industry and its ecosystem to put it in service of people and the planet, while keeping it healthy and profitable for continued investment. And, we will listen to the voice of the youth who will challenge the current generation and push us to action.

Will you join us?

Visit the Summit website to learn more about the Summit and GABV annual meeting.

See you in Vancouver!


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