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Member Campaigns and Initiatives (Dec. 2016)

  • Amalgamated Banks (USA) announces first-ever progressive index asking 800 self-described ‘progressives’ throughout the country their views on banking and the economy. The poll found a majority of progressives have a strong distrust of the banking industry, with 87 percent of respondents reporting they believe bankers’ main goal is to make a profit, and not to serve their customers. 83 percent of progressives said they want their banks to be focused on making the world a better place.
  • BRAC Bank (Bangladesh) teams up with SME Foundation to provide collateral-free SME loans to Agar farmers & traders. And plans to raise Tk 500cr through bonds to expand business and consolidate the capital base for fulfilling Basel-II requirements.
  • Centenary Bank (Uganda) and NHCC gives Shs 60 million for youth centre.
  • New Resource Bank (USA) reports third quarter 2016 financial results.
  • NMB Bank (Nepal) launches, Ek Ghar Ek Khata, an initiative to accelerate economic growth by supporting every Nepali household in becoming financially literate. According to NRB banking statistics, only 40% of the total population of Nepal holds deposit accounts in banks, highlighting that more than half the population is without formal financial access.
  • Magnet Bank (Hungary) reveals their approach to socially responsible banking with initiatives based around: transparency – where clients’ contributions to the bank’s annual profit is calculated and shared publicly every year; autonomy – where retail clients determine their account management fees via ‘Pay as you like’ account management; and self-directed impact investment – where clients can specify loan purposes for their deposited funds via the Mentor, Sector solution.
  • Southern Bancorp (USA) receives Supporting Organization of the Year award for supporting minority business growth. Also unveils Split, Save and Win sweepstakes to encourage customers to save a portion of their tax refund. Designed to turn tax time into saving time, this ‘non-traditional approach to savings’ is working!
  • Teachers Mutual (Australia) announces the arrival of Apple Pay, offering an easy, secure and private way to pay. And busts the myth that Australia’s Generation Z has it easy.
  • The First MicroFinance Bank-Afghanistan (FMFB-A) (Afghanistan) issues a request for proposals relating to consultancy support for frontline staff training on service quality for women-only branches.
  • Triodos Bank (Europe) highlights how charities are demanding more transparency on how banks use their reserves, and in their UK edition of The Colour of Money, exposes the Food Waste War.

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