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Leadership and organizational culture based on sustainable innovational values: Portraying the case of the Global Alliance for Banking Based on Values (GABV)

This is a paper by Jo√£o Brillo, Visiting Professor, ESADE Future of the Work Unit Professor of Management, Ibmec Business School, Brazil; and Jaap Boonstra, Professor of Organizational Dynamics Esade Business School, Barcelona & Professor of Organizational Change & Leadership, Vienna University of Economics and Business.


Leadership and organizational culture for innovation is becoming increasingly important in a constantly changing and transforming world full of technological, political and cultural transformations. Without sustainable innovation leaders and organizations are doomed to failure. The acceleration of changes shows inverted coeteris paribus conditions, where value-based management must remain constant while everything else change, as well as driving innovation values across the organization. The reasons for transformations are related to suitable change strategies and interventions for guiding the change process, which play an important role in shaping an innovative organizational culture. But how can leaders and organizations effectively transform themselves in turbulent environment and what are the critical success factors to promote and manage meaningful changes for creating an innovation culture? This paper deals with leadership and cultural change capabilities within organizations for aligning strategy development process to achieve sustainable innovation. We outline leadership and culture change models to convene strategic and cultural transformation focus on innovational values as an ongoing process. The case Global Alliance for Banking Based on Values (GABV) is presented as a great inspiration for stimulating and working with these values in the organization as well as an example in line with these models.

Read the full paper here.

Courtesy of Esade Knowledge.


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