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GABV goes to TEDxGracia – Twelve Speakers That Give Hope

GABV is proud to be part of TEDxGracia as Marcos Eguiguren, GABV Executive Director, will show that a bank with values can exist.

The fourth edition of the TEDxGracia at Barcelona will take place on October 7th at the LLuisos Theater.

Hope is the theme that will mark the 2017 TEDxGracia event. It will be a full day to nourish both body and soul with talks, workshops, debates, music shows, networking and local food. The tickets are on sale at:

The following are the twelve ideas worth sharing that we have gathered in order to open a reflection within the audience:

Food waste

The Catalan cook Ada Parellada will tell us about Gastrorecup, an initiative created by her to fight the massive food waste. Hundreds of people work together to take back the food that is about to be thrown away and transform it into an appealing and affordable menu.

To end homelessness

Andrew Funk, born in the United States and based in Barcelona, will share his experience creating Homeless Entrepreneur, an entity which aims to end homelessness in Barcelona by promoting and fostering the talent of those people through crowdfunding.

Female leadership in corporations

“How have you made it?” Is a question that Beatriz Navarro, Marketing and Communications Director at FNAC, constantly gets asked by her students. She is one of the most influential women in Spain and will talk about the importance of female leadership in the workplace.

Access to housing

PhD Sergio Nasarre, Director of the UNESCO Housing Chair at the University Rovira I Virgili, is convinced that it is possible to reformulate and make more flexible the two traditional ways of access to housing: property and rent. He will explain us how.

Personal image

The stylist and founder of I Feel Good BCN, Aizea Villarreal, will show us how to confront and get rid of the beauty stereotypes and prejudice that dominate plenty of people, especially women, on the western world.

Health training for African women

Auxi Reula leads AMREF Africa, the biggest health international organization managed by Africans and based in Kenya. Health education and training, and working closely with the communities, are essential parts of the project.

Rural areas, a hub for entrepreneurs

Diana Moret created Pandora HUB, an initiative which aims to connect startups with villages and rural areas. She intends to give life back to small towns, starting with the reactivation of its economy.

Tech innovation at the service of people

Miriam Latasa de Aranibar believes that technological innovations such as virtual or augmented reality are to be used at the service of people, and can contribute especially on education, health and environment.

In defense of animals

Ed Antoja and Jenny Berengueras are the authors of “Empathy”, a documentary that aspires to awaken the social conscience concerning animal suffering through the eyes of a skeptic.

A bank with values is possible

Marcos Eguiguren is the CEO of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values, a worldwide movement on ethical and sustainable banks. In its disruptive business model, profit is not the goal to achieve, it is instead the consequence of doing things right for humanity and the planet.

Healthy and responsible consumption

Jordi Llaurado is the manager at La Tavella, an entity at Valles Oriental, which produces ecological foods and edibles, employs people with some kind of disability and sells its products online.

Old age as a value

Regina Martínez, from Fundacio Amics de la Gent Gran, urges to remove the stereotypes associated with the elderly, give value back to the aging and build a society based on emotional and intergenerational solidarity.

If you wish to get in touch with any of the speakers at TEDxGracia 2017, feel free to contact Nina Garcia (


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