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GABV celebrates 50-member milestone

Last quarter, the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) achieved a small but important milestone in its history. We officially reached the 50-member milestone and surpassed it by a few new members. We marked the occasion with a cake during the last in-person Board meeting in Zeist in June 2018. The Board and the members of the GABV Secretariat made a wish to continue in our efforts to positively change the world of finance.

With each new member we are positive that we are moving in the right direction. The GABV is expanding its reach to new countries and continents, reaching more people and making a real difference in the world. We are proud that all our members share an understanding that clients are more than just profit, and that we are an instrument in establishing a more sustainable and fair economy.

The success of the GABV is also your success. Because of you and your dedicated work, we have made it this far and made some incredible changes in local communities. On the GABV website, you will find some remarkable stories from our members which showcase their engagement with local communities. The stories are an inspiration to us all and should serve as motivation to continue our work.

The future is bright, and we hope that with all your support and active engagement, we will make the world a better place.



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