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GABV and Barcelona City Council to Host an International Conference on Banking on Values

Barcelona will host the international conference “We Bank on Values” (Hacemos Banca con Valores) on the 23rd November 2017 with the aim of letting the general public know what the values of this kind of banking are and how they can take a step towards this new banking model. The conference will take place at Barcelona Activa and is organised by the City Council of Barcelona together with the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), and will be a fantastic opportunity to learn about success stories of transitioning from conventional banking to ethical and more sustainable banking which prioritises common welfare over short-term profits.

Banking on values has become a solid, long-term resilient banking alternative for some years now, serving the general public and the real economy. This model has proved that money can be invested in people by putting them before economic profits. The aim is to always provide a positive impact in order to achieve a fairer and more equal society. Nowadays, more than 41 million people have chosen a model which puts common welfare before short-term profits.

The Banking on Values culture bases its management on the triple bottom line approach (it integrates people in their objectives, the planet and prosperity), transparency (transparent and inclusive governing models), the real economy (financing sustainable companies and communities in productive economies), resilience (long-term activity is maintained beyond external changes) and culture (it integrates all these values in all decisions in a transversal manner).

Banking entities, companies, public administrations and agents from the tertiary sector and social economy will be present at the conference this Thursday to discuss the main challenges of this banking on values model.

Representatives from both banking on values banks in Catalonia, Triodos Bank and Fiare Banca Ética, will be attending: Mikel García-Prieto, Executive Director of Triodos Bank in Spain and Juan Garibi, Executive Director of Fiare Banca Ética. In addition, Jordi Ayala, Manager of Presidency and Economy at the Town Hall of Barcelona, Lluís Viguera, Institutional Manager of PIMEC and Ángeles Cobo, Executive Director of Suara Cooperativa will also be attending.

Barcelona and Banking on Values

Just as Álvaro Porro, Commissioner of Social Economy, Local Development and Consumption, explains, “the main message of this conference is for the general public and companies to become aware of the situation and decide who they want to work with in the areas of finance and other areas. The Banking on Values model allows people to support transparent banking established in the territory and involving the community, promoting entrepreneurial projects in the social and environmental context.”

The Barcelona City Council supports the ethical banking model. Firstly, it works with banking on values in order to facilitate project financing in the fields of social economy and solidarity-based economy that have a high level of risk; the banking on values model has been incorporated in the banking operations at the Barcelona City Council and other entities such as Caixa d’Enginyer, Fiare Banca Ética and Triodos Bank which contribute to financing social housing projects that the Barcelona City Council promotes.

The Global Alliance for Banking on Values

The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), co-organiser of the conference, is an increasing network of banks, banking cooperatives and credit unions from around the world that are committed to creating a positive change in the banking sector.

The GABV has 41 million clients around the world and manages 130 billion dollars in 46 banks that belong to the Alliance.

The Executive Director, Marcos Eguiguren, explains that “transparency is an essential value for each and every one of the 46 banks. Our work consists of using depositor’s money to make a positive impact on society and the environment. It is for this reason that we focus on the real economy.”

As Marcos Eguiguren highlights, “European banks belonging to the GABV will meet in Barcelona. This city is appealing to many thanks to its cosmopolitanism, new tendencies and the fact that it is one of the leading cities in Europe regarding growth in social economy and being a solid market for our bank.”

Organised by: Commission of Social Economy, Local Development and Consumption and the Global Alliance for Banking on Values.

23rd November, 9.a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Barcelona Activa offices. C/ Llacuna, 162-164. Barcelona


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