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«Financing the future: what role for ethical and value-based finance in Africa?»

Regional Conference co-organised by Banca Etica, Banque Malienne de Solidaritè, Caritas Africa


Ethical and values-based banks are, by definition, dedicated to reduce the social and financial instability, to create an enabling environment for economic and social growth, and to foster employment opportunities. In Europe as well as Africa, ethical and values-based banks work together with civil society organizations, international institutions and public actors in order to maximize their actions.

Banca Etica, Banque Malienne de Solidarité (BMS) and Caritas Africa intend to organize a regional conference which aims to discuss and present how ethical and values-based banks, in cooperation with all the public and private institutions which play a relevant role with reference to financial inclusion and sustainable entrepreneurship in Africa. Confessional actors of humanitarian and development aid, African Governmental bodies, International Financial Institutions, UN organizations, Fair Trade organizations, the Cooperatives’ Movement and development Banks, all together, can organize a goodwill coalition to fight against poverty , today better and more than compared to the past.

During the event different experiences will be presented such as the first African values-based bank, that is the Centenary Bank of Uganda, and the  Banque malienne de solidarité, in promoting Microfinance. Furthermore, a particular attention will be paid to the role of Microfinance Institutions in supporting the financial inclusion of BoP and micro and small farmers. The experiences of Banca Etica’s strategic partners (MAIN, Oikocredit, SIDI and FairTrade) and of Caritas Africa’s Organisations (CAURIE MF/Senegal, GRAINE/ Burkina Faso, IFOD/DRC, RIM/ Rwanda) will be presented during the conference.

The two-days event will be the unique chance for meeting and discussing with African stakeholders about the role of ethical finance. The first day will be devoted to a public conference where institutional and political leaders could share their ideas and proposals. Then, the second day will have a more practical approach with the involvement of practitioners and beneficiaries of ethical and value-based finance.  Four parallel thematic seminars will be developed on the following topics:

  • Agriculture and climate change;
  • Female empowerment and gender gap in employment;
  • Financial education;
  • Co-operatives and small-farmers.

Each thematic seminar will be lead by a topic expert and the objective of each session is to provide a set of recommendations and a proposal/concept note (draft version).


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