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DKC wins the Excellence Prize at the 2018 Sustainable Finance Awards

DAI-ICHI KANGYO Credit Cooperative (DKC) won the Excellence Prize at the 2018 Sustainable Finance Awards. The awards, presented by the Research Institute for the Environmental Finance (RIEF), recognize environmental achievements in the financial industry. DKC is the first credit cooperative that receives this prestigious prize.

What are the Sustainable Finance Awards?

The RIEF supported the creation of the Sustainable Finance Awards in Japan in 2015. The RIEF is an institution actively promoting “environmental finance” and stimulating the use of financial methods to solve environmental problems.

The awards are received by financial institutions and enterprises applying environmental services to the Japanese financial industry.

10 examiners check and score each candidates’ activities through a quantitative evaluation. Some meetings and discussions between the examiners and the candidates are held as a qualitative evaluation. Those assessments establish the best environmental financial institutions.

 Why did DKC win the Excellence Prize?

DKC’s contribution to communities has been positively considered by the jury. DKC follows its motto “Finance for people and communities” in all its business. DKC has created over 380 types of community loans, helped new business owners and young entrepreneurs, and cooperated with other banks, universities nationwide to revitalize local economies.

Another reason why DKC won the prestigious prize is the fact that it has become the first Japanese bank member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV). The GABV is a global network of financial institutions committed to the development and protection of the society, and environment through sustainable finance. DKC is promoting the GABV and its activities in Japan.

The 2018 Sustainable Finance Awards ceremony

The 2018 Sustainable Finance Awards ceremony was held on January 23rd 2019, at Nippon Press Center, Tokyo, Japan. Mr Nobuyuki Nitta, DKC’s Chief Director, collected the prize from Professor Fujii, representation of the RIEF, Mr Naito, the president of the Shinkumi Federation Bank, and Professor Ikeo, chairperson of the examiners.


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