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How to become a leader in a values-based bank? GABV Leadership Academy 2017

Are leaders born or can you learn how to become a leader? If so, how to become a leader whose leadership is based on values?

In September 2017 we celebrated the graduation of the second cohort of the GABV Leadership academy on the “innovation floor” of Vancity Credit Union. “I never knew that I was able to progress until I tried and experienced it with the GABV Leadership Program. Although I still have to improve myself, I am now confident that I am well equipped to be part of the change towards sustainable economic, social and environmental development.” (Participants 2017)

As one head of HR who participates in the Human Development group noted, “You cannot develop an individual. Development is something you have to step into.” The GABV Leadership Academy is a learning environment that allows high potential leaders in member banks to step into their highest future potential. We create this learning environment on three levels:

  • Intellectual challenge through engagement with thought leaders, concepts and ideas around values-based banking, innovations and social and environmental challenges;
  • Experiential, action-based learning spurred by sensing journeys, prototyping, or stakeholder dialogues;
  • Personal development fostered by individual coaching, a solo experience in nature, journaling, reflection and peer learning.

Most importantly, the Leadership Academy becomes a space of trust, networking, and inspiration that allows participants to challenge themselves in a safe environment, find their voices as leaders, step into innovation, and articulate the values upon which they will base their actions and decisions as they continue their career.


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