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Banca Etica joins the global climate mobilization on September 27th

Banca Etica’s network in Italy and Spain (Banca Etica, Etica sgr, Fondazione Finanza Etica and will join the global climate mobilization called worldwide by the #FridaysForFuture movement on September 27th 2019.

On September 27th, Banca Etica’s offices and branches in Italy and Spain will be closed to allow workers to join students and all the people marching in the streets all over the world to demand the end of the fossil fuel era, and to take urgent action to prevent climate collapse.

“An increasingly number of people are choosing ethical finance because they don’t want to entrust their savings and investments to big banks that will use them to finance companies that are destroying the planet – explains Dario Brollo, representative of Banca Etica membership-worker committee that promoted the initiative -. Banca Etica and Etica Sgr – since 1999 – exclude from their funding sectors that are risky for the climate (such as coal and oil) and for the environment in general (such as nuclear power) or for the community (armaments and gaming ‘gambling). Instead, we invest in many companies, large and small, that look to the future and develop innovative activities in the field of energy from renewable sources, CO2 reduction, alternative materials to plastics, green building, etc. When we started we were only few. Today this sensitivity is finally widespread and if this has happened a lot we owe it to the movement of young people who imposed the urgency of a radical change in the agendas of the institutions and in the attention of public opinion. We want to take the opportunity to show our support and march in the streets with the tens of thousands of people who, in more than 150 countries, are already organizing climate strikes in the workplace and in our communities“.

Specifically, the Bank (in Italy and Spain, network and headquarters) will be closed on 27/9 until 13.30 to give a strong signal of adherence to the event: the absence from work will not be considered as a strike but as a justified absence. Workers are invited to participate in events organized in the territories and to donate a sum in favor of Friday For Future Italy and ETIFOR for the WOWnature project, a partner organization and client of Banca Etica that works on replanting of forests in the Dolomites destroyed by the hurricane Vaira and in Africa.


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Courtesy of Banca Etica 


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