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Access to medicine for all, GABV member Etica SGR has joined the campaign

Etica SGR has joined the Access to medicine for all campaign to recognise everyone’s universal right to access the best possible level of healthcare.

This right has not been guaranteed to date since two billion people in the world do not have access to the medicine they need. This includes millions of individuals in low- and middle-income countries who die every year because of diseases they cannot treat due of a lack of medicines, vaccines or diagnostic tests. This information comes from the Access To Medicine Index 2018, the report published every two years by the non-profit organisation, Access To Medicine Foundation(ATM).

Mobilisation of finance sector

Access to medicine is an economic issue and also depends on the strategies adopted by pharmaceutical companies when setting prices. The life or death of large sections of the population in various parts of the world depends on them. The way in which the campaign is managed, therefore, has an impact on a company’s reputation, with obvious economic consequences and is becoming more and more of interest to investors. It can have a significant impact on companies and, as a result, on investors who hold these types of shares in their portfolio.

This is why Etica Sgr, together with approximately eighty other major investors, has joined the campaign associated with the Access To Medicine Index. “As investors we want to make sure that the managers of companies in which we invest have taken into account the risks and opportunities associated with access to medicine and have implemented policies and processes to address these challenges.” These words are taken from the statement signed by the main institutional investors in favour of access to medicine.

In 2018, Etica Sgr supported the motions of shareholders of two American companies relating to risks associated with the price of medicines. Pharmaceutical companies have an important role to play in addressing the issue of access to medicine. With the support of the ATM Foundation, we intend to engage in dialogue with our portfolio companies on this subject.
Aldo Bonati, Corporate Engagement and Networks Manager of Etica Sgr

Read the full article here.

Courtesy of Etica SGR.


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