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2015 #BankingOnValues Campaign: Do You Believe?

Do You Believe Banks Should Put People Before Profit?

If yes, October 22, 2015 highlighted this at the second annual international #BankingOnValues Day. Read about the success of the 2015 initiative.

#BankingOnValues is a public initiative and all Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) members, partners, customers, and interested, passionate, policy makers, regulators and public, were invited to get involved in celebrating the growing, global values-based banking movement. #BankingOnValues is about creating positive change in the world’s banking system, and driving positive economic, social and environmental impact by influencing how banks and banking cooperatives serve human needs and the real economy. Will you join, share and participate in this growing, global movement?

This is a different kind of banking. Let’s talk about it, celebrate it and ask why isn’t all banking done this way!

Our network participated in October 21/22 webcasts and pre-registered for a ground-breaking MOOC

  • Webcast by First Green Bank (USA): The Banking Scorecard. The development, current status, and future of the GABV Scorecard as a transparent tool for reporting on the impact of values-based banking. View webcastDownload the presentation.
  • Webcast by Triodos Bank (Europe). The Future of Banking. Bristol 2015, European Green Capital ‘s Business Summit. Join an interview with Triodos Bank CEO & GABV Chair, Peter Blom. View webcast.
  • Webcast by BRAC Bank (Bangladesh): The role of values-based banking in creating economic, social and environmental impactView webcast.
  • Massive Open Online Course co-developed by MIT (USA) and the GABV: Banking as if Society Mattered. Launch date: March  29, 2016: Learn about pre-registering NOW.

CONTINUE TO SHARE your thoughts, hopes & dreams about a different kind of banking system 

Use the hashtag #BankingOnValues. To make life easy, why not donate a social media message and use one of the following…

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  • Click & share: #BankingOnValues is a global movement. 27 banks, 20 million customers & $100 billion creating positive change.
  • Click & share: (animated gif) #BankingOnValues creates positive economic, social & environmental impact. Good 4 me & my community.

Facebook (log-in, to like and comment)

  • Click & share: #BankingOnValues is a global movement. 30,000 co-workers & 20 million people making good money by putting $ to good.
  • Click & share: (animated gif) #BankingOnValues creates positive economic, social and environmental impact. Good 4 me & my community.

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