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2014 #BankingOnValues Campaign: True Alliance…

True Alliance In The Global Alliance #BankingOnValues 2014

A thank you note from the GABV Campaign Planning Team: Paula Martin (Vancity, Canada), James Niven (Triodos, the Netherlands), Zeeshan Kingshuk Huq (BRAC Bank, Bangladesh), Linda Ryan (Vancity, Canada)

It is not often in life we get to work on things that can truly make the world a better place but that’s what happened when we set out to shine a light on the positive economic, social and environmental change our members create around the world. From May to October the Campaign Planning Team virtually connected with GABV Values Ambassadors, the Secretariat, Executive Leaders and valued partners to shape the first international awareness initiative of the Global Alliance. We were totally inspired by the creativity, passion and commitment of so many local campaign coordinators and partners who set aside time in their very busy calendars to bring the #BankingOnValues campaign to life for their co-workers, clients and customers.

Not only have you built momentum for a movement powered by where people choose to put their money; you’ve led by example in connecting as an alliance of passionate people who go above and beyond to make the world a better place. This campaign could not have happened without your support. Thank you…

GABV Campaign Coordinator Bank Country
  • Fred Khonje
Affinity Credit Union Canada
  • Barbara Felix & Christian Kohler
Alternative Bank Switzerland Switzerland
  • Audrey Maeren & Megan Adams
Assiniboine Canada
  • Andrea Tracanzan & Chiara Bannella
Banca Popolare Etica Italy
  • Rowan Dowland, Fiona Nixon, Ayeesha Cain
Bankmecu Australia
  • Patricia Candia, Helen Valdez, Claudia Raquel, Dueri Marusic, Cecilia Velasco
BancoFIE Bolivia
  • Jose Luis Zavala
BancoSol Bolivia
  • Juan Pablo Meza, Silvia Melendez, Dani Godinez, Francisco Gochez, Evaristo Alas
Banco Integral El Salvador
  • Andrea Walker, Aja Cooper
Beneficial State Bank USA
  • Zeeshan Kingshuk Huq
BRAC Bank Bangladesh
  • Florence Mawejje
Centenary Bank Uganda
  • Sachin Dahal
Clean Energy Development Bank Nepal
  • Frédéric Toussaint & Laurence Moret
Crédit Coopératif France
  • Stian Torstenson & Lars Hektoen
Cultura Bank Norway
  • Anna Laycock
Ecology Building Society England
  • Robbie Gossett & Lauren Maxwell
First Green Bank USA
  • James Niven, Paula Martin, Linda Ryan, Zeeshan Kingshuk Huq
GABV Campaign Planning Team
  • Adele Arendse, Carolina Benavides, David Korslund
GABV Secretariat
  • Katrin Seifert
GLS Bank Germany
  • Ann Hybertz Frandsen
Merkur Bank Denmark
  • Stephanie Meade
New Resource Bank USA
  • Callie Koeniger, Jeanette Geisbauer, Becca Hoeft
Sunrise Banks USA
  • James Niven (Netherlands), Salome Herce Lerma (Spain), William Ferguson (UK), Rachel Mason (UK), Lieve Schreurs (Belgium), Maarten Thijs (Netherlands), Stefanie Erhardt (Germany)
Triodos Bank Netherlands, Spain, UK,Belgium,


  • Linda Ryan
Vancity Canada
  • Dario Colman & Domingo Rene
Vision Banco Paraguay

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Regional Highlights

  • Ecology Building Society (UK)

Ecology Building Society secured coverage from a BBC1 (the national medial channel) presenter.

  • Vancity (Canada)

A sample of the #BankingOnValues campaign coverage in Canada includes:

Peruvian national TV channel (TV Peru) broadcast this report about the #BankingOnValues campaign. This in the only TV channel in Peru (high viewer reach in the country), and the report was also shown in the main evening news programme.

  • Triodos Bank (Spain)

Somos Triodos, published an article about the GABV: For a global change: banking on values on the 5 continentsEl País featured the campaign  #BankingOnValues Day: the world demands ethical banking on one of its associated blogs on October 23.

  • Banco Integral (El Salvador)

Banco Integral promoted the #bankingonvalues campaign in the local media. (Language: Spanish).


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