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New Resource Bank

Website New Resource Bank
Location USA
Key figures Impact story


New Resource Bank is a triple-bottom-line bank serving values-driven businesses and nonprofits that are building a more sustainable world. We see money as an agent of positive social, environmental and economic change and believe banking can transform the economy into one that serves all people and the planet. We put deposits to work for good by lending to organizations that benefit our communities and preserve our planet.

New Resource Bank utilizes the financial, environmental, and social impacts of its activities to promote the global well-being of future generations.


The founding organisers are technology entrepreneurs, green business pioneers, and banking executives who believe that sustainability is both a social movement and a market opportunity and that business can be a force for good. New Resource Bank is a Certified B Corporation and is committed to having a positive long-term impact on the world.

The bank opened in September 2006.  Prior to opening, 200-plus founding shareholders subscribed to approximately $25 million of the bank’s stock offering. The bank added to its capital base again in September 2008, completing an equity capital raise of approximately $15 million in the midst of a very tough United States banking market.  The bank has seen substantial growth since then.  As of December 31, 2016, the bank had $331 million in assets.


New Resource Bank is a California state-chartered institution and currently primarily serves the Western United States.  Its shares are tradable on the Over-the-Counter Bulletin Board under NWBN. Last year, the bank opened a loan production office in Boulder, Colorado.


  • Vincent Siciliano, President and CEO
  • Stephen A. Rossi, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
  • Bill Peterson, Executive Vice President, Chief Credit Officer
  • Kay Adler, Executive Vice President, Chief Operations & Strategy Officer
  • Gary Groff, Senior Vice President, Director of Business Development
  • Robert Holden, Executive Vice President, Chief Lending Officer
  • Stephanie Meade, Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing and Culture
  • Gabriela Selli – Senior Vice President, Director of Operations

Market Focus, Products and Services

New Resource Bank offers a full range of financial services to:

  • Businesses, including corporate cash management, commercial credit lines, real estate loans, construction loans, and project finance. The bank serves clients in clean energy, organic and natural products, green real estate, and sustainably-managed companies.
  • Non-profit organisations, including discounted banking services, event sponsorships, and donations. The bank’s Planet-Smart Debit Card generates cash for nonprofits with every transaction, accruing thousands of dollars in donations each year.
  • Individuals, including checking, money market and savings accounts, Visa debit card, online banking, and bill pay.


New Resource Bank impacts four key areas: Environmental Protection, Health and Wellness, Education and Community Empowerment, and Sustainable Commerce. The bank provides its customers services and expertise to encourage more sustainable operations. It also hosts events that educate on sustainability while promoting community-building.


Key figures for New Resource Bank

* Figures in USD million
** Based on local currency
Total Assets282247216200171
Total Loans189178157133113
Total Deposits241215186170150
Total Equity3931292819
Equity /Total Assets13,9%12,6%13,2%14,0%11,4%
BIS 1 Ratio14,6%15,6%17,0%18,1%14,3%
Total Revenue1111998
Net Income8211-1
Total Loans/Total Assets66,9%72,0%72,6%66,4%66,0%
Total Deposits/Total Assets85,4%86,8%86,1%85,0%87,5%
Loan Growth **5,99%13,59%17,89%17,94%10,53%
Deposit Growth**12,19%15,70%9,09%13,81%12,13%
Cost/Income Ratio85,7%81,6%84,3%88,7%96,8%
Return on Assets3,00%0,75%0,55%0,41%-0,45%
Return on Equity23,27%5,80%3,99%2,80%-3,68%

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