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CARD Bank, Inc.

Location Philippines
Key figures Impact story


CARD Bank, Inc.  is a microfinance-oriented rural bank, which has been formed and guided with the commitment to work for the alleviation of poverty and empower the socially and economically challenged Filipino families through responsible financial services.

CARD Bank as a member of CARD MRI is committed to:

  • Empower socially-and-economically challenged women and families through continuous access to financial, microinsurance, educational, livelihood, health and other capacity-building services that eventually transform them into responsible citizens for their community and the environment;
  • Enable the women members to gain control and ownership of financial and social development institutions; and
  • Partner with appropriate agencies, private institutions, and people and community organizations to facilitate achievement of mutual goals.


CARD Bank, Inc.’s origin can be traced from the Center for Agriculture and Rural Development, Inc. (CARD, Inc.), which was organized on December 10, 1986 by a group of 15 rural development practitioners as a social development foundation through responsible financial services.

CARD spent considerable time in refining its operation using modified Grameen Bank methodology in 1989, with the end view of achieving the twin goals of outreach and sustainability. Within a decade, CARD has successfully formalized its micro lending operations by transforming itself into a formal financial institution.

In 1997, CARD Inc. obtained its license from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas as a microfinance-oriented rural bank. Then on September 1, 1997, the CARD Bank, Inc. opened its door to the public in San Pablo City subsuming four CARD Inc. branches.

Inspired by its vision, CARD Bank, Inc.’s ownership was shared among clients on February 14, 2000. From then on, members can buy shares of stocks through transfer of their compulsory savings as payment for shares of stocks.

Dr. Jaime Aristotle B. Alip, CARD MRI Founder, fully supported clients’ ownership of CARD Bank, Inc. by saying, “Only by creating a vehicle for asset ownership, can we ensure that the poor will gain control over their own resources and over their own destiny.”

CARD Bank, Inc. continues to improve the quality of products and services to better serve its ever-growing number of clients. Currently, it has 88 branches across the country serving more than 2.28 million clients. In years to come, CARD Bank, Inc. plans to expand and to open more branches in all regions of the Philippines reaching out to millions of clients.


CARD Bank is headed by the President & CEO, Marivic M. Austria, supported by the heads of different department/units from Operations, Finance, Compliance, Governance, Audit, Risk, IT, Marketing, HR, Research, Legal and other supports units. It works closely with the regulators to ensure that the internal governance standards are being met by the Bank.

Its head office is located at San Pablo City, Laguna. With total offices of 723 including branch lite units. It has 4, 458 equipped staff that supports the whole banking operations.

In addition, CARD Bank, Inc. became a member of the group known as the CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions (CARD MRI) that aims to provide the poor with diverse financial and non-financial services.

Management Board

  • Marivic M. Austria (President/Chief Executive Officer)
  • Lorenza dT. Bañez (Executive Vice President)
  • Lourdes B. Dijan (Executive Vice President for Finance)

Market Focus, Products and Services

CARD Bank is focus in serving the low-income market, 60% of whom are below the $2.50 a day. Mostly women who are generally concerned with the welfare of the family and gives prime importance on health, education and securing a better and more stable future.

It offers wide range of affordable and appropriate products based on client needs. It includes loans, savings, remittances, bills payment and cross-selling of microinsurance. In addition, CARD Bank provides access to non-financial services such as business development and marketing support, educational support/scholarship program and health services.

CARD Bank advocates financial inclusivity. And to provide formal banking services to the unbanked and underserved, CARD Bank take digital transformation initiative – making financial services more convenient and more accessible to the clients.

Benefits of being part of the GABV

CARD Bank, Inc.’s corporate governance practice adheres to seven (7) core values: competence, family spirit, integrity, simplicity, humility, excellence, and stewardship. The Bank’s exemplary corporate governance is anchored by its strong corporate culture and values. The network such like GABV help CARD Bank to learn different banking operations strategies and be in line with international standards. Participating and collaboration with other GABV members will help the Bank gain new knowledge and latest developments in banking industries.



Key figures for CARD Bank, Inc.

* Figures in USD million
** Based on local currency
Total Assets288243203173138
Funds Under Management00000
Total Assets and Funds Under Management288243203173138
Total Assets and FUM Growth (One Year)**24.57%20.66%24.51%31.27%20.99%
Loans (net)19315412511094
Loans to Total Assets67.1%63.3%61.7%63.7%68.5%
Loan Growth (One Year)**31.91%23.89%20.50%22.20%18.78%
Client Funding1951611219679
Client Funding to Total Assets67.6%66.0%59.3%55.8%57.1%
Client Funding Growth (One Year)**27.61%34.40%32.27%28.21%11.02%
Equity to Total Assets24.4%22.7%22.9%21.8%23.2%
Tier 1 Capital Ratio19.9%18.7%18.3%12.5%16.0%
Total Revenue83.266.658.951.642.0
Net Income23.614.714.211.47.3
Return on Assets9.50%6.70%7.40%7.30%6.00%
Return on Equity38.80%29.50%33.10%32.30%26.60%
Cost to Income Ratio63.4%72.1%67.2%68.0%73.8%

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