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Affinity Credit Union

Website Affinity Credit Union
Location Canada
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Affinity Credit Union is part of the better banking movement and exists to advance the well-being of its members and their communities. By turning local deposits into local loans, Affinity keeps all deposits in the communities it serves, stimulating the economy with every member loan. Affinity puts people before profits.


The first credit union in Saskatchewan, Canada started in 1910. The second opened in 1916 but it wasn’t until the 1930s that the credit union idea really took hold. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, people and communities began pooling their resources so they could survive during difficult times until conditions improved. Over the next eighty years, credit unions flourished, expanding their membership and eventually giving way to numerous mergers.

Today, Affinity Credit Union is a product of over 60 credit union mergers throughout its history and is now among the largest credit unions in Canada – and growing!


Affinity Credit Union has a workforce of 846 people and is 100% owned by more than 136,000 members, all of whom have a voice in the way the credit union does business.
Affinity is part of the better banking movement and, because of that, does things a little differently. We have members instead of customers, and our number one goal is to make their lives better. That means delivering the best banking products possible, but it also means building, developing and improving the communities we serve.

Money flows in and money flows out, firing up the economy and making our communities even more vibrant, exciting places to live. At Affinity, we like to think of ourselves as the engine for the local economy and this is how that engine runs.

Our governance structure is effective, transparent, accountable, open and ethical. It keeps us connected to our co-operative roots, and to each of our diverse member-owners.
Our branches are grouped into 12 districts, and 11 of those districts represent Affinity members from a specific region in Saskatchewan.

Our Indigenous District is unique. It represents First Nations communities specifically, and it serves the all of Saskatchewan instead of a single region. It was created to improve access to financial services and support indigenous individuals, families, businesses and their economic growth.

The members of our Board of Directors are the decision makers behind Affinity, helping determine where we’re headed. Our District Council Delegates are elected by our member-owners and represent our members in each of our communities. They elect the Board, distribute district council funding and provide feedback as member-owners.


  • Mark Lane, Chief Executive Officer
  • Scott Flavel, Board Chair


Market Focus, Products and Services

Affinity Credit Union is the 8th largest credit union in Canada with $6.3 billion in managed assets and with the largest credit union branch network in Saskatchewan. It offers access to a complete range of accounts and services and is a leader in delivering quality investment and lending services to Saskatchewan.

Our micro-loan, community loan and Indigenous lending programs help members with little or no credit history access funding for small business start-ups or community enterprises with a social or environmental benefit. This partnership also provides the support and coaching that new entrepreneurs need to be successful.

Our affordable housing programs are focused on helping low-to-moderate-income households move from rental accommodations to home ownership – creating stronger communities and financial stability for our members.

Strong, vibrant communities are good for everyone. That’s why we invest around 6% of our pre-tax profits back into the communities we serve each year. Our members make those profits possible and for that reason, we’re proud to invest those profits back in our members’ communities.

Reconciliation among indigenous and non-indigenous peoples is hugely important for our whole country and it’s something we’re eagerly pursuing. We’re working to improve access to financial services for indigenous people, hiring a representative work force, educating our employees on the history of First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples in Canada and building better understanding of each other among all of our communities in Saskatchewan.


Key figures for Affinity Credit Union

* Figures in USD million
** Based on local currency
Total Assets3.7933.4433.7243.6992.482
Funds Under Management933847881861542
Total Assets and Funds Under Management4.7274.2904.6054.5603.024
Loans (net)3.0672.8483.0493.0482.031
Loans to Total Assets80,9%82,7%81,9%82,4%81,8%
Client Funding3.4473.1223.3843.3632.237
Client Funding to Total Assets90,9%90,7%90,9%90,9%90,1%
Equity to Total Assets8,3%8,2%7,9%7,9%8,3%
Tier 1 Capital Ratio13,2%12,4%12,1%11,6%8,6%
Total Revenue127,7130,0147,4118,1100,1
Net Income21,825,628,512,522,7
Return on Assets0,65%0,72%0,76%0,69%0,94%
Return on Equity7,74%8,88%9,54%8,31%11,12%
Cost to Income Ratio71,3%74,6%76,1%85,5%73,8%
Assets Growth (One Year)**6,73%10,30%9,45%59,90%6,00%
Loan Growth (One Year)**4,32%11,42%8,76%61,07%10,10%
Client Funding Growth (One Year)**6,97%10,03%9,42%61,27%5,38%
Clients (Sum of Lending and Deposit)160.419159.817155.519158.140112.932

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