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Every society and its institutions are being disrupted beyond imagination as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. No one knows exactly the extent to which life, and business as we know it, will be impacted and reshaped. Yet, societies and their economies are highly dependent on the banking and finance sector to still provide the services that ensure that business, and life in general, continues to function. What is the role of values-based banking during these times of disruption? How can leaders in this sector tap into collective leadership and power of innovation to respond with resiliency and impact?

Re-inventing a more resilient banking and financial system is even more crucial for GABV members who are committed to serving many underserved clients and initiatives. This program, Leading in Times of Disruption, has been created to help leaders in values-based banks to learn processes and tools of Emerging Leadership as well as to think together in order to find ways to not only survive the challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, but also emerge more resilient and innovative.

Who Should Participate?

The Leadership Academy is designed for leaders in GABV member banks or non-member banks that aim to expand their values-based banking activities. Participants benefit most from the program when they:

  • Have worked in their bank for at least three years,
  • Lead a team, a department or a project, or are a senior co-worker with a wide range of responsibilities,
  • Are open to new ideas and advancing their personal leadership skills,
  • Are interested in thinking about innovations for values-based banking, and
  • Are committed to advancing the idea and practice of values-based banking.


Member Type                                                                      Tuition (in USD)

Member banks, associate banks and supporting partners
from the US, Europe and Australia                                                  $3,800

Member banks, associate banks and supporting partners
from the rest of the world                                                                $1,300

Non-member banks from the US, Europe and Australia               $4,200

Non-member banks from the rest of the world                             $1,800


A limited number of scholarships are available for GABV member banks.
Please note: A possible in-person meeting in the future would be priced separately.

Program Language

The program is conducted in English.


The GABV will offer a limited number of tuition scholarships to participants from GABV member banks. Participants will still need to cover their travel expenses.  For more information, please contact Sonia Reinhardt.

Format: Three modules plus coaching sessions

The program combines five online modules with cross organizational group coaching and individual coaching with the facilitators in between the modules.

Please note sessions one, three and five will be intense and run over 1.5 days. These long sessions will be virtually hosted by a GABV member bank.

Sessions two and four will be 2 hours long.

Each of the five sessions has three parts:

  1. Frameworks and concepts
  2. Practices and tools
  3. Engagement and dialogue

Examples of session topics are:

Session I:  June 4 + 5, 2020 Co-initiating – Seeing current reality

  • Core capabilities of what it takes to lead in times of disruption.
  • How to mobilise what it takes to respond to a crisis
  • Leading in times of disruption: intentional leadership
  • Four levels of listening and dialogue
  • Core framework of values-based banking
  • Understanding impact
  • Business Cases of GABV member banks
  • Application 

Individual Coaching or Case Clinic with peers (alternate between sessions)

Session II: June 19, 2020 Co-Sensing – Leaning into the Emerging Future

  • How to see the systemic forces of crisis with fresh eyes
  • Sense-making of what has emerged
  • Innovating values-based banking
  • Cultivating quality of Attention & Mindfulness
  • Basic rules for effectively working online
  • Values-based business models
  • Application

Individual Coaching or Case Clinic with peers (alternate between sessions)

Session III:  July 2 + 3, 2020 Co-Inspiring – Deep Dive into the Leadership Journey

  • How to awaken our sources of creativity and generativity
  • Journaling and solo
  • Leading values-based organizations
  • Eco-system leadership for impact
  • The future of finance
  • My leadership intention: defining the north start of my leadership
  • Application

Individual Coaching or Case Clinic with peers (alternate between sessions)

Session IV: September 10, 2020 Co-Prototyping – Practice and Performance, Rehearsing the Future

  • Identification of prototypes for tackling the challenge
  • Prototyping bootcamp
  • Application

Individual Coaching or Case Clinic with peers (alternate between sessions)

Session V: September 23+34, 2020 Co-Evolving – Grow Innovations and Eco-Systems

  • Review and presentation of prototypes and harvesting lessons
  • How to move from experimentation to institutionalising
  • From ego- to ecosystem economics
  • Eco-system finance

If the situation allows, we will add an in-person session in the future.


Organizational Support and Communication

We recommend that organizations send team or several individuals from one organization. In addition, the Human Development Group of the GABV recommends a close communication between the participants of the program, their team members, colleagues and their direct reports at home about the purpose and the content of the program. The facilitators of the Leadership Academy will support participants’ interaction and communication with their respective organizations by providing guidance and learning materials. The members of the GABV Human Development group will also provide guidance.


To apply for the program, please contact Sonia Reinhard:

Here is the brochure with all the required information including the time schedules and program details. The deadline for Registration May 26, 2020.


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