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Governing Board CofP

The Governing Board Community of Practice (CofP) seeks to build and exchange the knowledge and skills of its members by addressing current and emerging governance issues for values-based financial institutions.

The Governing Board CofP provides a network for Chairs and other Governing Board representatives. It identifies opportunities to share information on best practices related to strengthening governance practices including crisis management, capital structuring, strategy, CEO compensation, succession for Board and CEOs, and the unique nature of management/Board relationships in values-based banking. In addition, the Governing Board members act as a bridge to build relationships with GABV among the Boards of their own financial institutions, CEOs, employees, other banks, and the public.

In cooperation with the University of Edinburgh, the CofP has undertaken a research project to explore governance mechanisms used by supervisory boards or non-executive directors to ensure values integrity, promote ethical performance and support transparent and healthy governance under the growing pressure of regulatory requirements.  Nine member organizations of the GABV are participating in the research: Alternative Bank Schweiz (ABS) (Switzerland); Affinity Credit Union (Canada); Assiniboine Credit Union (Canada), BancoFie (Bolivia) Bank Australia (Australia), Caja Arequipa (Peru), Triodos Bank (Europe), Vancity (Canada), Vision Banco (Paraguay).

One of the goals is to identify the best board governance practices and make recommendations for more effective and efficient implementation of the values-based banking philosophy in corporate supervision and oversight functions.

This work will support GABV advocacy as well making practical contributions to help GABV boards navigate the complexity of their guidance and oversight functions.  The development of a guide with conclusions that can be used by GABV banks or as inspiration for other banks is contemplated.


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