The GABV takes a leading role in the debate about how to build a sustainable financial future, and fosters joint projects between members to help deliver it. We are both a talking and, crucially, a doing organisation and have created a number of programmes to help deliver this work.

Influential Meetings

As well as attending events where it can influence the wider financial industry and its impact, the GABV arranges action-oriented meetings for its members. Our most recent meeting, which took place in March 2015, was hosted by Crédit Coopératif in Paris, France.


As well as contributing to research about values-based banking, the GABV provides annual research comparing the performance of values-based banks with the world’s largest banks. Learn more. 


The Berlin Declaration, 2013

Created at our annual meeting in 2013, The Berlin Declaration outlines the fundamental paradigm shift we believe is necessary in banking:

  • Transparency: All banks must provide full transparency on their business models and use of clients’ funds using common standards to be set by independent experts.
  • Sustainability: All banks must use indicators to report social and ecological impact, which should also be used within the regulatory framework.
  • Diversity: Governments and regulators must include a diversity of banks as an important role in the process of reframing regulation for the financial sector.

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The Clinton Global Initiative, 2009

At the Clinton Global Initiative in September of 2009, the GABV made the following commitment.

‘The Global Alliance for Banking on Values will, over three years, assist its members and other sustainable finance institutions to secure $250 million in additional capital to support expansion of nearly $2 billion in lending to unserved communities and individuals, and green projects’. Learn more.

The GABV acts at an individual level within banks, bilaterally between organizations (e.g.  senior executive teams sharing their strategic plans), multilaterally through the development of joint action (BRAC Africa Fund), and collectively across the network of the GABV.

As well as promoting a new approach to banking on platforms like the Clinton Global Initiative,  GABV Chair and CEO of Triodos Bank, Peter Blom also spoke about the work of the Global Alliance at the United Nations Environment Programme’s Finance Initiative Roundtable meeting in Capetown, South Africa. These events were an opportunity to share how our members deliver and the opportunities we harness for a more sustainable financial future.

Our goal is to touch the lives of a billion people with sustainable banking by 2020

Clinton Global Initiative Commitment

At the Clinton Global Initiative in September of 2009, the GABV made a landmark commitment.

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