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We’re always looking for talented, passionate and like-minded professionals who want to bring positive change to the banking system. Whether you’re interested in working directly with the GABV team, or being placed with a member or partner, the job listings below could be just what you’re looking for. Internships, secondments, placements and full-time positions become available on a regular basis.

Members and Partners

If you are a GABV member or partner interested in advertising a paid position or an internship, placement or secondment, let us know and we will help you profile the vacancy. Email the vacancy details to Please be sure to include information like, role title, contract duration, recruitment contact information (name, email, telephone number) and details on the position you’d like advertised e.g. role description, company profile, remuneration etc. (as an attachment) and we will post your position.

Current positions:

GABV Secretariat, Zeist, The Netherlands

Member and Partner Positions

Triodos Investment Management

GABV LAC gender journey’s: Insights in How are we serving the women’s market?

FMO – GABV Study

  1. Background

The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) is a network of banking leaders from around the world committed to advancing positive change in the banking sector. Our collective goal is to change the banking system so that it is more transparent, supports economic, social and environmental sustainability, and is composed of a diverse range of banking institutions serving the real economy.

Founded in 2009, we are a growing network, with banks, banking cooperatives and credit unions, microfinance institutions and community development banks joining us from many parts of the world.

Our members have one thing in common: a shared mission to use finance to deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental development, with a focus on helping individuals fulfil their potential and build stronger communities. Our primary focus is achieving structural change within the financial system. Therefore, we partner with innovative businesses, citizens and their organizations. We share a dream with them of sustainable economies and inclusive societies.

GABV aims to strengthen its capacity to promote gender equality, women’s empowerment and diversity, in line with the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. In doing so, GABV is seeking to conduct a gender finance assessment study which will allow us to have a better understanding of our members practices in serving the women’s market and mainstreaming gender into their internal operations.

The study will cover all member banks of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values in Latin America and the Caribbean, namely: Visión Banco, Banco Fie, Banco Solidario, Caja Arequipa, Banco Mundo Mujer, Banco Solidario, Banco Ademi, Banfondesa, Integral SAC, Banco Popular de Honduras, Bancompartir and Cooperativa Abaco. We wish to know ‘where we are’ in terms of serving the women’s market and understand our common gender gaps, challenges, trends, good practices and opportunities in terms of our members’ strategies, systems, outreach, value propositions and data systems. The expected outcome is a set of key recommendations and an action-plan for the GABV on how to best support its members with developing strategies and actions on becoming more gender smart in the future. What role can the GABV play in supporting its LAC members with building the right systems, capacities and funds to serve the women’s market in a sustainable, effective and efficient way?

  1. Objective

At the end of this assignment, GABV should have a project team with a clear action-plan in place to commence the rest of the gender journey. The objective of this assignment is two-fold:

  • To diagnose the ability / challenges and good practices of the members to identify and serve the women’s market.
  • To translate the outcomes of the study into key recommendations and an action-plan for the GABV to advance in its gender journey.
  • Scope of Work

In order to identify the best way forward, the GABV would like to understand better where its member stand in terms of serving the women’s market across three dimensions:

  1. What is the current state of women’s financial inclusion and the women’s market in the LAC region? We would like to understand better what is the size and scope of the women’s market and what are the key constraints experienced by women in the region to access finance (i.e. constraints, opportunities, access to micro-credits and savings groups, access to business development services, enterprise development, financial education, training). Moreover, we also like to get a better understanding of who are the key actors in this field, and what ‘others’ are doing to overcome those constraints as well as the relevance and adequacy of the existing financial and non-financial services.
  2. What practices & challenges do our individual members demonstrate and experience in terms of women’s market strategy, performance, organization, Human Resources, market knowledge, products and service customization, data and customer management, sales and marketing and offering of non-financial services?

We seek answers to the following research questions (the suggested respondents for this are the CEOs,

Heads of Marketing, Heads of (M)SME/Business Banking, Heads of Credit, Heads of Product Development)

  1. Have they made a women’s market analysis? How, and what was the outcome? Which segment(s) of the women’s market are our members serving? What strategic goals are in place? What are the top 3 challenges for the FI to serve this market? What have they done so far? What are they most proud off? What is working, what not?
  2. What do they offer to female clients? Is that different than for male clients? How is the uptake? Do they partner/collaborate with women business groups, women networks, women social networks in service delivery? Why yes/not?
  • Type of financial products? Do men need to co-sign? What are the collateral requirements? Can women meet these requirements?
  • Non-financial services? What is your model, do you partner with others in the delivery of non-financial services?
  1. What was done in terms of training for staff on this topic? What type of capacity? How would they describe the commitment of the staff (Loan Officers) to work with women / female entrepreneurs? Are there targets for LOs on # WSMEs / female customers? Which competences are readily in place and which areas need further development?
  2. Are members collecting sex-disaggregated data? Check for:

# total number of business loans for women compared to men

# average loan size of women compared to men

# NPLS men & women MSMEs

# contribution of loan to women & men to revenue

#customer satisfaction men & women

  1. What capacities and actions can be developed and what can the role be of the GABV and others (like the Financial Alliance for Women)? We would like to understand better and learn from our members what type of support they need and what would be the best entry-point for the GABV to support its members in the future. For example, should the GABV develop a GABV gender policy (and then which elements) and/or develop a joint set of gender indicators? Is there a need to support our members with knowledge and capacity on ‘how to’ develop strategies and product and service development for the women’s market? What role can the GABV play in building collective capacity on collecting and using sex-disaggregated data for market insights, business cases and tracking performance? How can the GABV partner with other key actors in this space?
  2. Approach & method

To generate the answers to the above questions, first a quick desk-research will be conducted to consolidate existing literatures and reports on the women’s market in the region. Review available background data, including sex-disaggregated demographic information and social and economic indicators of the project diverse contexts, and gender issues related to targeted sectors and access to financial products and services in the target contexts (where available).

Secondly, all members will be interviewed (1,5 hours via Skype) and a desk review done of all relevant project documents. GABV will assist with setting up the interviews and identifying the right persons.

Third, a mapping of key actors in the region will be made and 3 gender experts in the region interviewed. FMO and GABV will assist with suggesting and introducing to experts and representatives.

Fourth, the draft recommendations and action-plan will be presented and discussed to FMO and GABV to arrive final conclusions (to be presented at the Feleban/GABV in Quito). This can be done via Skype.

  1. Deliverables
    • A 5-page report on the current state of women’s financial inclusion and the women’s market in the LAC region, including a list of key actors.
    • A 30-page report on practices, gaps, trends, challenges and opportunities of GABV in terms of serving the women’s market, including findings for individual members.
    • A draft 3-page action plan for the GABV, including a time line, suggestions for partnerships and KPIs.
    • Factsheet, 3-pager + PPT that can be shared with GABV members banks including real cases, good practices and examples (for the Quito event).

The period of assignment will be 20 – 30 days from July to mid-September 2019 with no possibility of extension of the period unless otherwise discussed and agreed.

A total fee of USD 10,000 dollars is available for the study and should include all expenses.


The Consultant will be contracted through the GABV Secretariat. The Office space, equipment and other logistical arrangements will not be provided to the Consultant during the period of work.

The Consultant will report to the Global Alliance for Banking on Values Latin American Regional Representative. Under his overall supervision, the Consultant will primarily liaise with the GABV’s Knowledge and Network Manager who will coordinate the Gender Working Group (formed by representatives of GABV’s member financial institutions), which are primarily responsible for technical backstopping on the proposed study.

  • The Consultant

The assignment will be carried out by a qualified independent expert with a clear track record in gender and SME finance research in the region. The Consultant has experience with advising and building capacity of financial institutions on developing women’s market program’s and customer value propositions (CVPs), financing WSMEs and supporting (W)SMEs with non-financial services.

The consultant has experience in and a good understanding of the Latin American market and has quick access to relevant data, literatures and reports. We prefer a regionally based expert who is proficient in Spanish.

  1. Timeline

The research shall be conducted in not more than 3 months. Below is the tentative schedule:

TaskProposed dateResponsibility
Receive proposals from consultantsJuly 2019GABV
Finalize the recruitment process of the consultant30th June 2019GABV / FMO
Finalize contractual arrangements and service agreements15th of July 2019GABV & consultant
Inception workshop and provision of key documentation16th of July 2019GABV, FMO & consultant
Desk research and stakeholder mapping16th – 30th July 2019Consultant
Interviews22nd July – 12th august 
Submit preliminary reports and action plan30th of august 
Feedback and validation workshop (virtual)7th of SeptemberGABV, FMO and consultant
Submission of final reports and factsheet / PPT15th September 2019Consultant
  • We would like to receive quotes from the consultant by Friday June 28th 2019 COB.
  • Proposals should be sent to:

o          Sofia Ortega ( from GABV

o          with cc to Carolina Benavides ( from FMO.

  • In case you may need clarification calls please coordinate with GABV.
  • The selected consultant is expected to be present at the kick-off meeting in the first week of July 2019, via Skype if not available in The Netherlands.

The available budget for this study is US$ 10,000 maximum.

The GABV is an independent network of banks with a shared mission of using finance to deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental development. Triodos Bank is one of the Board members of the GABV.

The Global Alliance consists of 55 financial institutions operating across multiple countries in Asia and the Pacific, Africa, the Americas, and Europe. For more information about the Global Alliance, please visit our website

For the team in Zeist we are looking for a:

Marketing and Communications Intern

This is where we need your help. We are looking for a communications intern – someone who is able to help with our content and professionalism. This includes:

  • Website management
  • Publications
  • Promotional materials
  • Social media
  • Banking on Values Campaign

A particularly exciting and challenging part of the job is helping us building the Banking on values movement. Through social media and other means, we want to engage different audiences to really speak up on the financial issues that matter the most, share with each other and contribute to make a change! So if you are energetic, dynamic, love twitter, Facebook, blogs, online communities – this might just be the job for you!


We are looking for an individual who is keen to develop skills in:

  • Website management (WordPress)
  • Photoshop/graphic design (Adobe Creative Suite and HTML)
  • Social media management (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)
  • Native English speaking & writing; Other languages a plus
  • Content writing
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks, possesses an entrepreneurial spirit and values flexibility
  • Ability to learn quickly and on the job
  • Creative and proactive personality

Key tasks include:

  • Content coordination across earned, paid, owned and social media. Projects of interest include website and social media updates, Annual Report development, eZine production, member pack development, and GABV collateral;
  • Campaign and initiatives coordination. Projects of interest include the international #BankingOnValues Day, media relations, and the International Marketing and Communications Community of Practice;
  • Event coordination. Projects of interest include event management, support for the GABV Annual Meeting communication efforts, partner events, and sponsorship opportunities analysis and support.

You will ideally be available for at least 4 -6 months, for a minimum of 32h/week starting in October/November 2018. You will work directly under our Marketing and Communications Coordinator, with occasional remote supervision and weekly bilateral feedback sessions. You will take part in the Secretariat weekly meetings and monthly team meetings.

In order to be eligible to do an internship, you must have student status throughout your internship period.

If you are interested please send us your CV and a short letter of motivation. You can address your letter to Jasmin Panjeta at Please state on the subject line the position you are applying for.

Project & Knowledge Management Intern

You will make an important contribution to the development of this global network of stakeholders, assisting the secretariat in promoting the goals and objectives of the banking on values movement. The internship takes place at the GABV in Zeist, where the intern will work as a member of the team.

The intern will support team activities that contribute to training/knowledge transfer and drawing ‘lessons learnt’.

In particular, the intern will be asked to:

• Regularly update the organizations client management system
• Assist in regular content of the upcoming Member-only space
• Assist in optimizing and facilitating knowledge exchange amongst the team
• Conduct research to identify new knowledge management practices that we can implement;
• Assist in the coordination of internal events, i.e. brownbag meetings and webinars;
• Review the existing knowledge management tools, system and content to identify existing gaps.
• Contribute to other projects, including Communities of Practice Annual Survey and Report (Nov 2018) and Annual Event Report (Mar 2019)

The internship offers students the opportunity to acquire direct exposure the Values-Based Banking movement. It is designed to assist a student in using her/his communication and management skills to assist the organization in organizing its work and ensuring it is made readily available

Ideally we are looking for a student intern that fits these criteria:

  • Availability of at least 4 -6 months, for a minimum of 32h/week
  • The completion (or near completion) of a graduate or undergraduate degree in business, finance, economics, political science, international development or other relevant field.
  • Working experience in an international organization or the financial sector is a strong asset.
  • Fluency in English is a requirement, knowledge of Spanish and/or Dutch is an asset.
  • Excellent Communication skills (written and verbal).
  • Ability and willingness to operate on a multicultural team.
  • Values independence and flexibility, possesses an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Knowledge of Salesforce is an asset
  • have student status throughout your internship

You will work directly under our Knowledge Management and Services to Members Coordinator, with occasional remote supervision and weekly bilateral feedback sessions. You will take part of the Secretariat weekly meetings and monthly team meetings.

If you are interested, please send us your CV and a short letter of motivation. You can address your letter to Sofia Ortega Tineo at Please state on the subject line the position you are applying for.

The business lines Energy & Climate, Emerging Markets and Food & Agriculture, all part of Triodos Investment Management BV, have the ambition to harmonize their governance, processes and way of working. They are at the start of an organizational change, to operate more effectively across business lines. The focus is on optimal usage of knowledge and expertise to add value for investors and investees and realize positive impact. These business lines manage non-liquid funds with a diversity of investments in debt, equity and project finance in the Netherlands, Europe and Emerging Markets.

Effective and harmonized execution of our work will serve our clients best. Removing inefficiencies and creating empowered teams in these business lines will increase co-worker satisfaction.  

To ensure speedy progress towards efficient and harmonized processes, Triodos Investment Management has opened the position of:

Investment Process Manager

32-40 hours a week

In this position you take the lead to initiate, draft and implement process improvements. You have the overview of the investment processes as well as portfolio management processes and their quality. Since the organization is in the process of changing, your view and insights on this change are valued in the design and implementation phase.

Take action:

  • Set up and use a standard method yourself, to design and document process flows
  • Lead the process of designing and implementing process improvements in line with investment and portfolio management activities
  • Assure sustainable change by providing advise and knowledge and aligning relevant colleagues
  • Translate the client’s (investor and investee) experience and expectations into the processes of these business lines
  • Make a proper assessment between client experience, efficiency, harmonization and (operational) risks in designing the processes
  • Work together with colleagues in these business lines, as well as other departments, e.g. Legal, Tax, Risk, Compliance, Product management, Commercial.
  • Ensure the Lean/Agile way of working in these business lines, as well as in cooperation with the Business Process Advisor, who is responsible for this way of working in the whole Triodos IM organization
  • Communicate and report on progress and results, ensure documentation standards, prepare and maintain high-level process documentation for these processes

This is you:

You have affinity and personal connection with the mission and values of Triodos Bank.

What do you bring?

  • A successfully completed Academic degree (preference in Business Process Management)
  • 8+ years of professional experience in the financial sector with at least 3 years of relevant experience in business process improvements; Lean Black Belt
  • Knowledge of Investment Management and ISAE3402 certification is a pre
  • Excellent language skills in Dutch and English, both written and verbal


  • Entrepreneurship, resilience and pragmatism as main motivator on your daily job
  • Able to analyze quickly what is needed in process improvements and harmonization
  • An energetic, independent, learning and hands on mentality
  • Excellent social and communication skills and proven ability to gain credibility and trust based upon expertise and building relations

Who we are:

Triodos Investment Management BV, a 100% subsidiary of Triodos Bank, is a globally recognised leader in impact investment. The business has grown based on deep market sector insights and commitment to sustainability objectives of our partners. Triodos Investment Management currently manages 17 funds (totalling EUR 4.2 billion) investing in both Europe and Emerging Markets.    

More information? See

You want to make a difference:

As a sustainable organisation it is our priority to invest pro-actively in your personal and professional development. You will be working in a professional, informal and transparent atmosphere and you are a member of an international team which will motivate you to perform and develop your personal and professional goals. We offer a working environment within a growing organisation where there is room for personal ideas, initiatives and balance.

In addition to this we offer:

  • a salary appropriate to who you are and what you are capable of;
  • 29 paid holiday days for a 40-hour working week, and the opportunity to purchase 2 extra weeks;
  • training and development opportunities;
  • flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home;
  • as from November 2019 a brand-new office next to the train station of Driebergen-Zeist;
  • 100% public transport allowance for journeys between home and work;
  • an attractive pension scheme;
  • volunteer leave and a bike scheme.


The position is based in Zeist, the Netherlands. Applicants must be nationals of a European member state or have a valid work permit for the European Union.


For more information about this position, please contact Riella Hollander, Director Food & Agri by email

The closing date is 5 July 2019. Applicants can apply by clicking on the following link:

The first round interviews will take place on Wednesday 10 July and Thursday 11 July 2019. The second round interviews on Tuesday 16 July 2019.

Details from this advertisement are not to be used for marketing purposes


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