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The Global Alliance was established as a Dutch not-for-profit foundation in 2009. Under its Articles of Incorporation, the Alliance is governed by a Board of Directors. Operational responsibilities are delegated to a Secretariat through the Chair of the Board.

The Board has a regional structure with the Chair selected on a global basis. In 2014, a decision was made to add an additional Board member to represent all members. Current members include:


At the 2015 GABV Annual Meeting the Board was pleased to bestow the title of Honorary Director on three pioneers who were part of the original 2009 Board, and who have completed their service as Directors:


The Board held five meetings in 2016; three of these meetings were in-person and two were by teleconference. The meetings focused on issues strategic in nature.

In 2016 Tamara Vrooman was re-elected as the Regional Board Member – North America for a second term ending in March 2019.

As per the GABV By-Laws, the At-large Board member can be in office for three years but cannot be re-elected to give more possibilities for rotation. That is the reason why the process of replacing the current At-large Board member, whose term ends March 2017, started in November 2016.

During 2016, the Board developed a Charter of the Board to help guide its work, and add more transparency to its decision-making process. The Charter will be presented to members at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Kathmandu, Nepal.

In 2015 we developed the GABV2020 Strategy (whose main pillars were described in-depth in the Annual Report 2015) that was formally presented to members during the Annual Member Meeting in March 2016 in Amsterdam. Members gave their full support to the direction of the plan and the GABV has been operating under this guidance since March 2016.

Amongst other aspects, the GABV2020 Strategy defines a new category of membership and describes the role of Supporting Partners. According to this, new category Affiliates are defined as one of two categories: Member Bank and Associate Bank, and the GABV can also have Supporting Partners.


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